29 November 2023

Help with the Altroo plugin

We are pleased to provide you with a new, innovative opportunity to support our activities! Thanks to two new plugins - Altroo Search and Altroo Links - you can now help in a completely new and unique way.
The Altroo extension allows you to combine your daily online activities with helping others. As you browse the web, the proceeds from the ads you see or purchases you make are donated to the cause of your choice. You can choose from two plugins that will help you maximize your transferred income:
  • Altroo Search changes the standard search engine to Altroo, where the collected advertising funds are donated to our mission. Just use this search engine to support our activities.
  • Altroo Links, on the other hand, uses affiliate links when shopping online, collecting commissions that also go to our organization's goals. Thanks to it, everyday shopping becomes an opportunity to help those in need.
These new capabilities are completely free, easy to use and extremely effective. Thanks to them, you can easily get involved in our mission without incurring additional costs. Every support is of great importance and improves the situation of many people, so we encourage you to take advantage of these new features and join our mission to help!