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Maja Ostaszewska and other artists support the action for Polish medics

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Actors, musicians and other artists gave their support to the action of the Polish Medical Mission #razemdlalekarzy (#together for the doctors). All of this in order to support the medical personnel who have been fighting the coronavirus in Polish hospitals for a month now. The action was initiated the PMM together with the actress Maja Ostaszewska.

Look who supported #razemdlalekarzy!

Although the PMM normally provides aid to the poorest countries in the world, today Polish hospitals also need help. The number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing and medical supplies are dwindling. There is a lack of personal protective equipment: masks, disinfectants, visors, goggles and overalls.

You can support the #razemdlalekarzy action on Facebook or Instagram.

They are the ones who are at the forefront so we should do our best to make sure that the medics work safely and take care of our health without putting themselves at risk

says Maja Ostaszewska.

Polska 2020, realizacja: Polska Misja Medyczna

Even though the Polish Medical Mission uses the name #razemdlalekarzy (#together for the doctors), the assistance actually all medical staff that need medical support, e.g. paramedics or nurses.

Actresses Maja Ostaszewska and Anita Sokołowska together with fashion designer Tomasz Ossoliński and model Anja Rubik were the first to join this social action. Later on, others joined: actors Magdalena Strużyńska and Andrzej Chyra and musicians Grzegorz Turnau and Aga Zaryan. We are very proud that Polish artists are able to unite in solidarity and support medical personnel who are in need. We thank them very much for that.

says Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission.

On Saturday, 4th April, there will be an online concert by Aga Zaryan – a jazz singer who decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from the concert to support the action of the PMM and Polish medics.

In the fight against the virus, the Polish Medical Mission has so far donated 10,000 zlotys and a field tent to one of Krakow’s hospitals. The Facebook fundraiser, in turn, is aimed at supporting the most needy hospitals in Poland, and one of the PMM donors has decided to double the amount collected on Facebook.



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