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We support the Benedict XVI Clinic in Rubio in providing free medical care for the local community. We fight against malnutrition and diseases.

What’s the current situation in Venezuela?

The economic crisis in Venezuela has been deepening since 2016, and the country is gradually sinking into uncontrolled chaos. Microscopic wages, which used to cover mainly additional expenses, are now supposed to ensure survival. Food, electricity, gasoline – all of these are currently considered luxury goods. Consequently, Venezuelans are massively leaving their country. Currently, it is estimated that the number of migrants hovers around 7.7 million, and over 7 million inhabitants (about a quarter of the population) are in need of humanitarian assistance. The lack of food affects over 2 million citizens already, and this number will continue to grow steadily without intervention.

The country lacks basic medical supplies and food, and electricity is regularly cut off for several hours a day. The critical situation also extends to maternity and pediatric hospitals. Banks of blood, warehouses of medicines and vaccines are empty in Venezuela, and access to medical intervention is significantly hindered for residents. The emigration of medical personnel further weakens the efficiency of the national healthcare system.

Our aid in Venezuela so far

In 2019, the Polish Medical Mission established contact with a local medical organization called Deus Caritas Est, which assists residents of one of the regions most affected by the crisis – Rubio, located near the border with Colombia. After meeting with the medics, the Association decided to purchase vaccines that had been lacking in Venezuela for several years. Due to this shortage, outbreaks of diseases such as Hepatitis A and rotavirus infections occurred. Venezuelan hospitals lacked the means to protect infants from illness.

The Polish Medical Mission also prepared aid for approximately 500 of the poorest families in Rubio, many of whom were large families. They received food parcels, enabling them to prepare nutritious meals.

Support was also provided to the Benedict XVI Clinic in Rubio, where the staff provided patients with free medical care, including general medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics. Additionally, workshops were conducted on responding to gender-based violence.


In 2023:

People have been provided with reproductive support
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