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Medical volunteering program

We carry out projects in various parts of the world, providing medical care and humanitarian assistance where it is most needed. We collaborate with local communities, non-governmental organizations, and medical institutions to ensure comprehensive healthcare for people affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and poverty.

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Justyna Siejka

Project Coordinator

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Current offers avaliable:

Currently there are no available offers.

How does the recruitment process look like?


Online application

Completing the questionnaire.



Verification of formal conditions (application form, CV, professional qualifications, experience, courses, training, language skills, etc.)



If you pass the recruitment process successfully, you will undergo additional pre-departure training, such as Mission Safety Training, Tropical Medicine Training, Cultural Conditioning Training, and a pre-departure briefing.

Responsibilities of a medical volunteer with PMM may include:

  • Supporting local staff in designated areas
  • Carrying out preventive actions and health promotion in local communities
  • Organizing and conducting training sessions

Our minimum requirements include:

  • Current CV sent to our recruitment email:
  • At least 3 years of experience in the profession, preferably 5 years
  • Proficiency in a foreign language at a communicative level, minimum B2
  • Availability – willingness to participate in training and go on missions for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • References
  • Ability to work in challenging and culturally diverse conditions
  • Communication and empathy skills in interpersonal contacts
  • Psycho-physical predispositions such as stress resistance, ability to solve problems quickly, logical and analytical thinking
  • Missionary experience is welcomed.

In return, we offer you:

  • The opportunity to directly impact the improvement of health and lives of people in need
  • Professional support and training before the mission
  • Coverage of travel, accommodation, and insurance costs
  • Valuable medical experience and the opportunity for professional development
  • Satisfaction from helping and building communities
  • Coverage of the costs of vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.


Frequently asked questions:

General information:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for medical personnel who bring professional skills and practical experience, as well as commitment and care for the people they help. The more diverse your profile is in terms of professional experience, the better – we value broad clinical experience.

What principles are associated with volunteering in a humanitarian medical organization?

  • Implementation of tasks as defined according to the needs.
  • Adherence to humanitarian principles.
  • Reporting and sharing knowledge.
  • Communication on-site and with the PMM team.

Recruitment Criteria/Our Requirements:

Are only medical professionals eligible to be volunteers?

Yes, we are looking for individuals with a medical background and a minimum of three years of professional experience.

Can I be a volunteer while being a student?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this type of volunteer opportunity for medical students. The role of a volunteer on-site involves independent work and training of local staff; therefore, it is important for medical professionals to be at a stage in their careers where they feel confident.

Do I have to be fluent in foreign language?

We need individuals who feel comfortable and are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian, or Ukrainian. Basic skills in at least one of these languages are preferred. Communicating in any other language will strengthen your application and chances of participating in the volunteer program.

Is there an age limit?

There is no minimum or maximum age for participating in volunteering, although there are other criteria that candidates must meet, such as a minimum of 3 years of professional experience and overall good health.

Do I need to have experience in work abroad?

Minimum foreign experience is definitely desirable but not required.

The application and recruitment process

Does submitting the form mean I will be accepted as a volunteer right away?

No, to qualify for volunteering, you must successfully pass all stages of the recruitment process.

Will I have to go through a training?

Yes, if you successfully pass all stages of the recruitment process and qualify as a volunteer, you will undergo pre-departure training, including training in mission safety, tropical medicine, and cultural conditions.

How long will I have to wait from qualifying to my first mission?

The proposal for a mission along with a suggested date depends on the needs of the field missions. It may happen that you will receive the proposal several weeks after the acceptance date.

Stay on site:

For how long will I have to go?

Depending on the project, the on-site stay can range from 3 to 8 weeks.

What are the conditions on site?

In most projects, you will live and work in stressful conditions without many things that you may take for granted at home. Living conditions vary depending on the location. It’s important to note that life in the field will likely be a stark contrast to your everyday life; time and personal space may be scarce, and in some projects, access to email or phones may be limited.

How is safety addressed on-site?

Work on-site is not without risks, but the safety and protection of its workers are one of the organization’s top priorities. Safety is directly related to the occupational risk inherent in the context, mission, and nature of the organization, as well as the behavior of each individual. Risks may include car accidents, hygiene and infection-related risks, or attacks, and may arise from interpersonal conflicts, individual behaviors, exposure to multicultural contexts, or management practices. Please consider potential constraints that may be challenging for you (specific country context, geographical zones, or other limitations) so that we can openly discuss them during the interview process. To get an idea of the countries where we are currently working, please refer to this link.

What do the security procedures look like?

PMM implements risk management procedures and safety guidelines for each mission, outlining safety principles for each project to minimize risk. However, ensuring your safety and protection is both PMM’s institutional responsibility and your individual responsibility. You will be informed about the exact safety conditions at the deployment location before departure. Therefore, it is your duty, regardless of your level of experience, to familiarize yourself with all relevant information provided before departure and seek additional information (beyond warnings and tourist knowledge) to enable you to make an informed decision.

Will I have an on-site supervisor?

Yes, each project has its supervisor whom you can contact in case of questions. Both on-site and in Poland, you will have an assigned coordinator you can reach out to.

Are any medical tests carried out before departure?

No, we do not perform medical tests.

What are we offering:

Is the volunteer position paid, will I receive compensation for it?

Volunteers do not receive compensation for their trips. PMM covers the cost of the trip, including flights, per diem, accommodation, and insurance.

Does PMM guarantees travel insurance?

We will cover all health insurance costs during your mission stay.

Do I need vaccinations?

Depending on the country of your mission, we cover the cost of required vaccinations.

Are there opportunities for development/training besides trips?

We offer various training opportunities for our volunteers. In addition to mission trips, you will have the opportunity to expand your professional experience through access to trainings conducted by the Polish Medical Mission. We look forward to a long-term cooperation that will result in many joint projects.


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Justyna Siejka

Project Coordinator

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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