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Renovation of health centers. Equipping units for treating malnutrition, neonatology departments, and rural health centers. Training of staff and the local community in the field of malnutrition and healthy nutrition.

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What’s the situation in Senegal?

Malnutrition is a major health issue in Senegal, particularly affecting children under the age of 5, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. The problem is prevalent among those living in rural or suburban areas. While poverty is a primary cause of illness and mortality, factors such as high illiteracy rates, lack of access to healthcare and clean water, poor dietary habits, and lack of hygiene contribute to the risk of malnutrition.

The Diakhao Health Center is a new health facility in western Senegal. On average, the center handles 105 births per month. According to standards, women who have given birth should stay at the center for 48 hours for observation. Due to the limited capacity of the center, it is currently forced to discharge women earlier than recommended.

How are we helping in Senegal?

Together with the World Vision organization, we are conducting activities to combat malnutrition and prevent it in the youngest children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Our goal is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality by improving perinatal care and increasing awareness in the local community about the healthy nutrition of children up to the age of 5.

We are renovating 5 health centers in the Diakhao region. We provide training for medical staff on procedures for severe malnutrition in children. We equip the delivery room with basic medical equipment, and 13 malnutrition treatment units with anthropometric equipment and nutritional supplements to enhance the care of severely malnourished children with complications. Thirteen health centers in the Fatick sanitary district will be equipped with newborn corners (places where newborns spend their first 6 hours of life).

We conduct cooking demonstrations and meetings on nutritional education to strengthen the knowledge of mothers and caregivers about recipes based on local products available in households, aiming to improve child development and reduce the risk of malnutrition in children. We provide rural health centers with educational materials on healthy nutrition.


So far

Trained midwives and nurses in emergency procedures
Renovated clinic
culinary demonstrations combined with nutrition


Construction and equipping of the delivery room in Diakhao with ultrasound equipment and newborn care items. Training for 13 midwives in conducting deliveries with complications and for 5 midwives in ultrasound examination. Training for 17 midwives and 13 midwives in reproductive health. Culinary demonstrations, home visits, monitoring community-level activities, and health center activities.









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