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Save Mor with us!

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We have started an urgent fundraiser for Mor’s rescue – we are asking for your support, because we know that thanks to treatment, the boy can live and develop. Learn the story of the boy and help with us!

Mor is 4 months old. He was born as the first child of a young couple, Aissatou and Saliou, in a Senegalese village near Bambey. From birth, the boy was treated with strong antibiotics. The correct diagnosis was made only when the parents took the child to a clinic supported by the Polish Medical Mission.

The consultations by doctors from Poland and Senegal confirmed that Mor suffers from a severe form of a very rare disease – ichthyosis. Mor’s entire skin is so distorted that the child cannot close his eyelids and can only breathe through his mouth. The baby suffers from acute malnutrition, despite being constantly fed with mother’s milk. The state treatment centre for malnourished children did not want to admit him, excusing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the parents went to a health centre, where the PMM financed diagnostics, and then symptomatic treatment of the boy in a hospital in Dakar. This is the last resort for the sick and malnourished child!

The specialists from Poland recommended to treat Mor with a derivative of vitamin A – acitretin, which is not available in Senegal. Thanks to the therapy, the boy has a great chance to live normally! In the near future, we want to provide Mor with the medicine of a monthly cost of about PLN 300. The entire Mor family has already received food aid, and the mother has additionally received medicines for anaem

Without proper treatment, Mor Time has no chance to develop normally – he will probably be disabled. Help us treat the boy. A small amount is enough to save his life!

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