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Lucky Mug – join the action and help the Syrians

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A quiet morning with coffee or tea in your favourite mug is a perfect start of the day for many. Everyone feels good having a warm and safe home. But for thousands of Syrian families it is impossible. That is why we are launching the action #razemdlaSyrii. Publish a photo with your favourite mug on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags and make any donation for Syrian families. Details below.

How to join the action?

  • take a picture of the mug and mark it #razemdlasyrii #ulubionykubek #polskamisjamedyczna,
  • invite your friends to the challenge,
  • give the address of the website through which you can support the Syrians:

The action will continue until the 20th or the end of December!

How did you get the idea for the action?

‘We had a home and the courage to dream.

What do you miss most? Normal life, peace of mind, talking to friends over freshly brewed coffee. When we had warm homes and the courage to dream. The reality in the camp is completely different’, said a Syrian woman during one of the visits of the Polish Medical Mission to the camp in Idlib.

Sometimes food and medicines are not the only things that refugees miss. This action is an attempt at solidarity with those who have no choice in life. And we can help them in a simple way.

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