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Our summary of 2022

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Behind us is a year full of challenges, emotions and great experiences among people whose most important goal is to help. For the last 12 months, we have been present on 4 continents, where, thanks to your support, we have reached the most in need. Check which areas were the most important for us.

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge was organizing immediate help in connection with the outbreak of war in Ukraine. On the first day of the conflict, we agreed that our role is to respond to the needs reported by hospitals that were unable to function without specialist support. In the following months, we carried out over 50 transports with medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals, and we supported thousands of people who reached Poland as part of the Child-Friendly Spaces operating in 9 cities.

Help for people experiencing conflicts and refugees

We continue medical support for refugees from Syria staying in neighboring countries. It is for them, but also for the poorest inhabitants of selected areas of northern Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan, that we have opened clinics and launched mobile help points. Thanks to constant access to doctors, residents of informal camps and refugee camps can use dental, gynecological, pharmacological, and other services free of charge. We also provided basic medical assistance to people crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border so that they could safely reach our country. We believe that regardless of the circumstances, every person deserves care.
Countries where we help: Ukraine, Poland, Iraq, Jordan, Syria

Our concerns reproductive health and the health of pregnant women

As part of the activities of Polish Medical Mission, residents of Venezuela and Colombia benefit from educational programs in the area of sexual and reproductive health and maternal care in the perinatal period. Meetings with women organized as part of medical programs make it easier for patients to conduct pregnancy safely and are an opportunity to perform free gynecological examinations. We are also constantly working on improving the conditions of childbirth in places where we have been present in recent years. At the beginning of the year, the hospital in Nyangao, Tanzania, was visited by Katarzyna Dąbek, a neonatologist, who exchanged experiences with local staff. In the renovated center, we witness a safe birth every day, which would not be possible without the huge commitment of the medical team and providing them with specialized equipment.
Countries where we help: Venezuela, Colombia, Ukraine, Tanzania

Reach 3 kilograms – neonatal help and therapeutic nutrition

Newborns and pregnant women are our most important patients who require special care. The passing year was another year in which we developed programs that help to give birth in a healthy and safe way. Even despite the war, the equipment sent to Ukrainian neonatal hospitals provides additional support at a time when up to half of the children are born prematurely, and no facility in the country has enough incubators. Taking care of the weakest babies in the first weeks of life has a real impact on their health in the future. The next milestone in a child’s development is the first 5 years of life. In order to reduce the complications associated with malnutrition, we provided assistance to 14 outpatient clinics in Senegal where therapeutic treatment is provided. Thanks to the joint work of parents, doctors, and nutritionists, we increase children’s chances for healthy development.
Countries where we help: Senegal, Ukraine, Tanzania, Zambia

Recovery – rehabilitation and prosthesis

We are continuing the project of purchasing prostheses and rehabilitation for people affected by the war in Syria and we are using our previous experience also in Poland. Together with the Jedna Chwila Association, we have started a program that involves the purchase of 350 individually tailored prostheses and providing rehabilitation support for residents of Ukraine and Poland. Regardless of age, recovery is a huge change in the quality of life – from returning to school and work, to independently perform everyday activities. That is why the developed classes, taking place as part of sports camps, focus on learning to move around in urban space, using prostheses, and working on achieving full independence.
Countries where we help: Malawi, Poland, Syria

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