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We support the Ukrainian healthcare service by equipping neonatology units and training local medical staff. We also assist refugees in Poland by creating Child-Friendly Spaces.

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How are we helping Ukraine?

In Poland

  • The “Child-Friendly Spaces” project coordinates integrative services, specializing in psychological care, legal assistance, translation services, holiday activities, and other forms of activities for both children and adults. The initiative was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway as part of the Norwegian and EEA Grants. The project is continued in 2023 with the support of Shell.

In Ukraine

  • Supporting 10 neonatology hospitals, we are implementing a healthcare strengthening project in the field of neonatology and obstetrics. 
  • We provide Ukrainian hospitals with medical equipment. 
  • Two mobile clinics equipped with necessary medical gear and medications reach patients in the Kharkiv Oblast.

What have we done so far

  • At three border crossings on the Ukrainian side, assistance was provided by a team composed of doctors and nurses. They were also assisted by medical rescuers, who had ambulances at their disposal to transport patients in critical condition to hospitals on the Polish side of the border. The points operated in medical containers. Border activities were conducted in cooperation with the International Medical Corps.
  • We provided 15 thousand doses of tetanus and diphtheria vaccine to Ukrainian hospitals. The purchase was supported by EIT Health.
  • We provided 5 equipped ambulances.
  • We delivered over 120 transports of medical assistance. They included: dressings, antibiotics, painkillers, needles, syringes, venflons, WHO rescue kits, medical furniture, surgical tools, medical kits, defibrillators, and tactical stasis.
  • We sent medical aid transports to 50 Ukrainian hospitals. Each of these facilities provided us with detailed information about needs they are unable to meet independently. Based on the gathered information, we prepared orders placed in Poland, which were then sent by humanitarian transports to the Ukrainian side. The transports mainly consisted of dressing materials, medicines, and therapeutic food for newborns. The initiative is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the Norwegian and EEA Grants.
  • In Kobyłka near Warsaw, in cooperation with Terre des Hommes Italia, we conducted activities aimed at improving the mental health of children with refugee experience.
  • As part of the Iron Help campaign, over 350 project participants from Ukraine and Poland were provided with prosthetics and an extensive rehabilitation program.

What’s the situation in Ukraine?

The ongoing conflict has led to the destruction of healthcare infrastructure and restricted access to medical services. A lack of resources, including equipment and personnel, has resulted in increased mortality and limited treatment options, especially in conflict-affected areas. Internally displaced persons, women, children, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Access to specialized care, essential medications, and rehabilitation services is crucial for those suffering from chronic illnesses and conflict-related injuries.

Medical assistance can help prevent and control infectious diseases, address mental health needs, and improve healthcare for mothers and children. By supporting medical aid in Ukraine, we can have a significant impact, alleviating suffering, saving lives, and contributing to the rebuilding of a stronger healthcare system for the future.


So far

We delivered shipments of medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals
Our assistance reached neonatology units.
A comprehensive rehabilitation and prosthetics program has benefited individuals.

2023-2024 / Ukraine

Mobile Clinics

Two mobile clinics operate in the Kharkiv Oblast, providing assistance to residents of one of the regions most affected by the war. Each team consists of two doctors and two nurses, additionally supported by a pharmacist. Regular visits to selected locations will enable the distribution of medications and monitoring disease outbreaks that may occur in the region.






Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine



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