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We are modernizing healthcare in the South-West-Shoa region of Ethiopia. Our goal is to improve medical standards through renovations of key healthcare facilities and the acquisition of modern medical equipment. Additionally, we are implementing intensive training for medical staff to enhance their skills in caring for newborns and pregnant women.

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What’s the situation in Ethiopia?

Healthcare in Ethiopia faces significant challenges, such as the lack of access to basic health services. The doctor-to-patient and nurse-to-patient ratios are among the lowest in Sub-Saharan Africa, at 1:50,000 and 1:5,000 respectively.

In 2020, over 80% of newborn deaths were due to preventable and treatable diseases. High neonatal mortality rates, particularly at St. Luke’s Hospital, result from a lack of ambulances, inadequate medical staff education, and poor infrastructure.

Malnutrition among newborns remains a serious issue, as many families struggle to provide adequate nutrition due to poverty and food insecurity. This leads to problems like low birth weight and stunted growth in children. Additionally, poor sanitation conditions and lack of access to clean water in some regions pose health risks to newborns.


Our aid in Ethiopia

As part of the project conducted at St. Luke’s Hospital, we focus on improving healthcare for newborns and children with malnutrition. Activities include staff training, purchasing medical equipment, and providing support for caregivers during hospitalization. Thanks to this, we have been able to support hundreds of newborns and children and ensure the smooth operation of intensive care units and therapeutic nutrition units.

These efforts have yielded tangible results, including the treatment of over 400 newborns and over 100 children with severe malnutrition. Additionally, our investments in medical equipment and medication stocks have enabled effective modernization of hospital wards. Our actions aim to improve the quality of healthcare in the region, thus enhancing the health status of those most in need.

So far

newborns treated at the neonatal pathology ward.
children with acute malnutrition treated in the ward.
trained healthcare workers

2024-2026 / Ethiopia

Safe Motherhood – Support for Maternal and Neonatal Care in Ethiopia

The project focuses on improving healthcare in the South-West-Shoa region of Ethiopia, home to 1.1 million people. St. Luke’s Hospital in Wolisso, the regional capital, serves as the main referral center. The initiative aims to modernize medical infrastructure, provide training for healthcare staff, and promote community-based health insurance to enhance access to free healthcare services for residents of the region.






South-West-Shoa, Etiopia



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