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Medical Volunteering

Medical Volunteering

In the Polish Medical Mission, we believe that every person, regardless of where they were born, deserves access to high-quality healthcare. That’s why for years we’ve been involved in humanitarian efforts, focusing our efforts mainly on supporting pregnant women and fighting malnutrition. We send experienced medical volunteers to places where their help can change the fortunes of entire communities.

Let’s change the world together!

If you share our beliefs and want to take part in making the world a better place, join us. Every gesture, every hour spent helping, every donated złoty matters. Together, we can achieve more. We have the power to change the lives of those who need it most.

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Faced with ongoing healthcare challenges, countries in Asia and Africa are not only grappling with a serious shortage of medical personnel but also a lack of qualified staff. In regions affected by humanitarian crises, access to basic healthcare is significantly limited, exacerbating existing problems.

The statistics are alarming. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the African continent faces a shortage of over 2.4 million doctors and over 9 million nurses and midwives. Furthermore, it is estimated that only about 25% of those working in the healthcare sector in this continent have the appropriate qualifications and training to perform their duties at a high level. In Asia, while the situation is somewhat better, there is still a shortage of hundreds of thousands of medical specialists, and the issue of qualification remains a limiting factor in the effectiveness of health interventions.

Staff shortages, coupled with low levels of qualification, hinder the effective delivery of essential healthcare services, from prenatal care to surgical interventions. In many places, especially in remote rural areas far from cities, access to qualified medical personnel is almost impossible, leaving communities without basic healthcare.

Our team at the Polish Medical Mission is aware of the urgent needs and is committed to providing assistance and support in these regions. Our goal is not only to accelerate access to healthcare but also to build local capacity through the training of medical personnel. This crucial action aims not only to increase the number of available healthcare workers but also to raise the level of their qualifications, which is essential for long-term sustainable change and improvement in the quality of healthcare.

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Our work

Tanzania: Light of Hope in the Shadow of Difficulties

In Tanzania, we encounter challenges that may be hard for many of us to imagine. Access to basic healthcare is limited there, and obstacles such as high treatment costs, lack of electricity, or difficulties in accessing clean water endanger the health of many residents. We support Tanzania by sending specialists who not only diagnose and treat but also conduct first aid training and provide essential medicines and medical equipment. Our mission in Tanzania is not only about immediate aid but also about building a better future through educating residents and providing tools for self-reliance in the future.

Zambia: Hope for the Youngest

In Zambia, we focus on the most vulnerable group – newborns and their mothers. Challenges such as low birth weight, HIV and syphilis infections, or difficulties accessing prenatal care pose immense challenges for us. Our efforts focus on health and hygiene education, both for medical personnel and local communities, as well as on direct medical assistance. We send neonatal nurses and midwives, among others, who support patients and local staff by sharing their knowledge and experience.


History of volunteering program in Polish Medical Mission

The history of medical volunteering in the Polish Medical Mission is primarily a tale of unwavering support for those in need of medical assistance. For years, volunteers of this organization have traveled to where their intervention is needed, visiting numerous countries and regions over time. They offer not only treatment but also health education, which becomes the foundation for lasting changes in communities suffering from a lack of access to efficient medical care. In addition to the current locations where Polish Medical Mission volunteers are helping, there are many other points on the world map that have already received assistance:

  • Papua New Guinea: In the challenging terrain of the country, where infrastructure is lacking, limiting access to medical care, volunteers have been conducting training, consultations, and surgical procedures since 2015, combating infectious and chronic diseases.
  • Malawi and Zambia: Volunteers have been assisting in hospitals, conducting training, and providing specialized care, especially for children. In September 2017, we began collaborating with St. Joseph Rural Health Centre in Chamilali, Nyimba district, Zambia. Our main focus was on educating mothers, who, thanks to the knowledge gained, could ensure a sustainable, locally sourced diet for their families. Our specialist doctors regularly visited Katondwe hospital to train local staff.
  • Greece: PMM volunteers primarily provided assistance to refugees. In addition to regular consultations in the camp, they provided medical services on an emergency basis (overnight). They medically secured a total of 20 landings and were on duty from 10 pm to 8 am in the camp clinic (emergency interventions).
  • Myanmar: A health center was established on a boat, providing maternal care and medical training to those in need. The boat was equipped with a power generator and a water tank. Below deck, there was a well-lit consulting room. On board, there were: a mobile ECG and ultrasound, a dental chair, surgical sets, minor diagnostic equipment, including rapid strip diagnostic tests for malaria, HIV, hepatitis B, and C. Up to 3 doctors and auxiliary staff could work comfortably on board.
  • Indonesia: There was a Polish Field Hospital operating there, where volunteers from the Polish Medical Mission also provided assistance. They provided assistance to earthquake victims. The hospital was used in many rescue operations worldwide, including after earthquakes in Iran (2004), Turkey, Pakistan (2005), Java (2006), and Haiti (2010).
  • Haiti: Volunteers supported the SAKALA center, which provided shelter, education, and medical assistance to children from the poorest parts of Haiti. During their 2-week stay in the capital, Port-au-Prince, they conducted numerous meetings and discussions to conduct a professional assessment of the situation on the ground: to assess needs and find the most effective methods to address them.

Our mission

What motivates us?

The motivation for us is the belief that every person deserves a chance at a healthy life. Through our work and actions, we want to show that solidarity knows no bounds, and humanitarian aid has a real impact on people’s lives. We collaborate with local communities because our goal is not only to provide direct assistance but also to create lasting solutions that will enable these communities to survive independently in the future.

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