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Snow has destroyed Syrian camps!

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It started with rain that quickly turned into life-threatening snow. With temperatures currently below freezing in northwest Syria, sudden changes in the weather have left thousands of people without modest shelter. Soon temperatures could reach -14 degrees, the lowest recorded in the last 40 years. The wind carrying snow across the desert plains of the country reaches 80 km / h.

When a wave of frost hit northern Syria a few days ago, 40 centimeters of snowfall blocked the roads, which transported not only food, clothes, and medicine to the site, but also employees who provide daily medical care. Especially in winter, their help is essential to save lives. Both children and adults are among the first victims of winter, and there are more and more cases of hypothermia and smoke poisoning. It is imperative that the victims of bad weather be transported to hospitals outside the camps as soon as possible.


Successive snowstorms destroyed the tents that were the only shelter for the inhabitants of the camps in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. In Syria alone, more than 250,000 people are affected by severe weather conditions, downpours, and snowfall. 1,700 tents with all the equipment were completely destroyed. Only thanks to immediate help, their inhabitants have a chance to survive the winter. Meanwhile, the weather forecasts forecast that there will be renewed rainfall in the coming days.

Increasingly violent weather changes threaten the lives of the camp inhabitants. There is a lack of fuel, building materials, warm clothes, but most of all safety. Each day of rainfall there is a risk of death.

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