30 November 2020

Together for Syria

Buy a mask or food? Syrians living in the camps do not have this dilemma. There is a shortage of everything Idlib, not just food.
Jordan 2020, production: Polish Medical Mission
People have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic; they are scared to go outside in case they might get infected or infect their relatives. The pandemic has contributed to the collapse of the health care system. Children, who are physically and mentally weak after the war, are particularly at risk. Then even a trivial infection is very likely.

Twelve people living in a tent

Om Ismaila lives with her husband, sons, their wives and grandchildren in a worn-out tent in Camp Al Basheer, in northern Idlib. Apart from children, there are 12 people living in one tent. ‘People are suffering from overcrowding in the camp so it is impossible to keep social distance’, says Om Ismail, and her daughter-in-law Maha adds after a while, ‘I am worried about my children; they are particularly vulnerable to respiratory infections that are spreading so easily because of the large number of people living in the same tent’.

Build aid with us!

You can help them survive this path by helping them walk any number of kilometers and by helping mothers and children to reach a new, safe home.


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