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Incubator of Hope – we fight for the lives of newborns!

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Annually, 2.5 million children die worldwide in the first month of life. It is because of pneumonia, diarrhoea or prematurity, which causes the most deaths. Lack of access to specialist medical aid, incubators or antibiotics makes it impossible to save them. The Polish Medical Mission begins the Incubator of Hope campaign and the fight for the lives of the youngest.

In the first month of life, babies need special medical care, but in Myanmar, Tanzania or Senegal, neither mothers nor newborns are covered. In sub-Saharan African countries, as many as 300 million births expected by 2030 will take place without any help from medical personnel.

The qualified personnel, access to drugs and medical equipment, and women’s education will save the lives of thousands of newborns. Just as it saved the life of the Sandi’s little son.

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