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Attention, anaemia! To the rescue of children in Senegal

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Save children who suffer from anaemia and malnutrition. A child who is on the verge of life and death will survive only thanks to medical help.

fot. Damian Lemański

Moussa is 18 months old and suffers from severe malnutrition. He was taken to a health centre in Bambey, but was quickly referred to the hospital. Moussa, in addition to severe malnutrition, suffers from acute cough and temperature. At the hospital, he was given a drip and fluids with mineral salts and vitamins. After a week of treatment in the hospital, the boy has regained his appetite and is recovering. The grandmother who takes care of the boy has received support from the PMM – a food package containing products for the toddler – milk, porridges, bananas, and other fruits that the child can eat.

A child who suffers from severe malnutrition and anaemia has such a severely weakened immune system that he or she cannot survive without medical attention. Five children lose the fight for life every minute because of untreated anaemia and lack of essential nutrients in their diets.

The PMM campaign is based on help in combating malnutrition in Senegal, and it is possible only thanks to professional medical help, rapid diagnosis, and education in the field of nutrition. The cost of giving five children life-saving drugs is about 50 PLN. A food package for a poor family is 200 PLN.

We are in Senegal, helping in 20 health centres and ask for help in the purchase of medicines, nutrients, specialized scales, and support organization of nutritional workshops.

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  • Make a donation to the account number of the Polish Medical Mission: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with annotation: Anaemia

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