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razemdlalekarzy Polish Medical Mission Action. Three more hospitals will receive help

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170 donors and almost PLN 30,000 are the summary of a special campaign by the Polish Medical Mission for Polish medical personnel to date. Now the money will go to 3 medical units, including University Hospital in Krakow, E. Biernacki Specialist Hospital in Mielec, as well as “Pasternik” Care and Treatment Centre in Modlniczka. The collected money is enough to buy about 200 suits and 200 protection kits for medical staff.

We are proud because once again, we have shown great solidarity. Dozens of Poles, including famous artists, have got involved to help people who care about our health and are on the front line

says Malgorzata Olasinska-Chart from the PMM.

Earlier, the Polish Medical Mission donated PLN 10,000 and a field tent for the Stefan Zeromski Hospital in Krakow.

Poland 2020, production: Tomasz Ossoliński

An organisation that helps in the poorest regions of the world on a daily basis: in Myanmar, Tanzania or the Middle East, also on Easter, tried to sugar the pill of difficult times for children and the medical staff at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

– 162 packages of chocolate-covered marshmallows arrived from Krakow to Warsaw, to doctors and children, which cannot be visited by their parents. This is a very difficult situation for everyone – adds Olasinska-Chart. Now we hope that our help will arrive beyond Poland in the coming days. We have been helping to save the lives of children and women in Syria for 4 years. Their medical situation cannot be compared to the Poland’s safe hospital conditions at all.

If you want to join the Polish Medical Mission in its biggest medical challenges and help us save health and lives of Syrian children, text SYRIA to number 74465. The cost is only PLN 4 + VAT, and in this way, an antibiotic for a few days for an ill child or a face mask for a doctor will be paid.

Help us to build aid in Syria, which has been affected not only by war, but also by coronavirus. If the virus reaches the camps in Idlib, the refugees will have no chance for treatment, and hospitals and medical staff will not be able to admit infected people. See how you can help!

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