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Polish Aid in Iraqi Kurdistan

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By the end of 2021, the Polish Medical Mission, thanks to funds from the Polish Aid program, will provide medical support to the displaced women and children in the Baharka camp and the local population in the Al-Hamdaniya district. Beneficiaries can count on medical consultations and diagnostic tests, they will also have the opportunity to obtain free prescriptions as part of basic medical care in the camp. Patients will primarily include Iraqi IDPs, Assyrian Christians, and Syrian refugees.

The project will employ a gynecologist, internist, pediatrician, nurse, and pharmacist. Thanks to the reopening of the doctor’s office and access to the laboratory, at the Baharka camp at least 2,500 people will benefit from help, of which 100% of patients can count on free access to medicines, which will be supplied to the local pharmacy. Another 800 girls and women living in the Al-Hamdaniya District will receive free gynecological consultations at a local hospital with an analytical laboratory equipped with international aid.

In November 2021, a Pre-Winter campaign will be carried out, with 920 families in need in the Baharka camp and 700 in the Al-Hamadaniya district receiving warm clothing and shoes. When selecting families, special attention will be paid to people with disabilities, who also have priority in registering with an internist and diagnostic laboratory. This is to support people who are often deprived of gainful employment and thus excluded by family members from making important decisions.

In addition, from January 1, 2022 in the Darashakran camp, inhabited by 11.5 thousand. Syrian refugees will be started by a dental office, the opening of which has been requested by the Polish Medical Mission by the Health Directorate. As the only organization, we provide dental assistance in all camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. The clinics will perform checkups and provide dental help to improve the level of oral hygiene and the health of the teeth of both adults and children.

The project “Medical and dental assistance for refugees, displaced persons and local people in the Erbil and Al-Hamdaniya governorates in Iraq” is financed by the Polish Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as part of the “Humanitarian Aid 2021” project.




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