21 May 2021

Help with the heart - ultrasound examination for every woman.

In Poland, every pregnant woman is provided with a checkup package - free, necessary, easily available. This is a piece of great luck and privilege that many women will never experience. Together, let's take a look at the stories of mothers around the world and show solidarity with the most vulnerable ones to ensure that each of them is safe and cared for at the time they are due to give birth.

Although the cost of 3 checkups in Tanzania and Venezuela is around PLN 60, many women will not have a single medical visit during pregnancy.

The causes may be different, but one thing is common to all of them - poverty. They won't find out if the baby is healthy or how labor should go for a happy ending. At birth, they will risk infections, bleeding related to anemia, complications that are easily preventable in the hospital but are lethal at home.

Help mothers with us!

You can help by donating a package of ultrasound examinations that will allow women to carry out pregnancy safely for both mother and the baby.


of 3 ultrasound tests


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One of the priority tasks of the WHO is to improve the delivery conditions and increase the survival rate of mothers and babies. Globally, between 1990 and 2019 the number of qualified medical-assisted births increased from 58% to 81%. The better and better statistics are primarily due to the increase in access to hospitals and the training of staff that is able to take care of the health of patients and their children. However, there is still a long way to go to full success. 19% - on an annual basis, millions of women will not get help when they need it most.
The worst situation is in rural areas, far from cities where you can't count on medical help. Most often, relatives do not even try to take the woman to the hospital - the road is too long and expensive, for this it is necessary to provide care for other family members during the absence. The same factors exclude women from regular examinations, which may determine the health and life of mothers and newborns.
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