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SOS India. The Polish Medical Mission helps in the fight against COVID-19.

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India is currently the country most tragically affected by the coronavirus. Last Sunday, the number of deaths as a result of Covid-19 increased by a record 3,689, a total of over 220,000 people died. The country lacks oxygen and medical devices. The Polish Medical Mission has started raising funds for the purchase of equipment supporting patients in the event of oxygen failure and its delivery to India.

The imported medical equipment will go to regions where the incidence rates in many states increased significantly last week. The authorities in these places have begun work on creating temporary institutions-shelters for people who will not receive help in overcrowded hospitals. The selected regions are densely populated and poor, and they also have a poorly developed medical infrastructure, which hinders effective aid delivery. Due to severe oxygen deficiencies, it is necessary to direct international support and introduce a rotation that will allow the supplied equipment to be used in places with the greatest demand. As a result of the worsening epidemic, some regions in the country have introduced restrictions, and the government is considering reintroducing a nationwide lockdown. Medical students and interns were directed to help in the fight against the coronavirus, volunteers help in makeshift hospitals.

The Polish Medical Mission is responsible for selecting and organizing the shipment of the necessary medical equipment to India. On-site pickup and distribution will be coordinated by the Human Circle Foundation, which provides emergency relief to the most deprived people in the country during a pandemic. The Indian organization will also be responsible for the ongoing monitoring of needs in selected locations. The cooperation of the Polish association with a local partner will allow to meet the most urgent needs in the dramatic situation in which the country found itself.


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