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We supply Ukrainian hospitals thanks to the Norwegian Funds

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Since February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian health service has been facing the greatest challenges in its history. Increased medical needs, while disrupting the normal operation of hospitals and medical points, threatened to collapse the entire health system of Ukraine. Therefore, since the beginning of the war, Polish Medical Mission has been constantly gathering needs from Ukrainian hospitals and providing the necessary products and medical equipment that allow medical points in Ukraine to maintain the continuity of operations.

Part of this support is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA and Norway Grants. As part of these funds, our organization has so far helped seven hospitals in Kiev, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zhytomyr. Each hospital receives transports in accordance with the received letters with the need. We provide facilities with surgical equipment and medical equipment. We also send the most basic medical equipment, such as syringes, cannulas, endotracheal tubes, gloves and catheters.

In subsequent transports under the EEA and Norway Grants, hospitals will also receive e.g. incubators and equipment needed to conduct phototherapy in newborns. Polish Medical Mission is constantly in touch with hospitals in order to monitor their needs.

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