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Joint action of Radio 357 and PMM

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What do we collect for? There is a shortage of basic products in Ukrainian hospital warehouses. Without them, doctors cannot effectively provide medical help. That is why, together with Radio 357, we are organizing a special charity auction. We will use the collected funds to buy the necessary medications and dressings.

Basic products are missing from the warehouses of Ukrainian hospitals. Without them, doctors cannot effectively save health and life. This kind of help requires a good knowledge of the subject. That is why we are organizing a special charity auction with the Polish Medical Mission – says Julia Kohman, who coordinates its course on the side of Radio 357.

The collected funds will enable the purchase of first aid materials and their transport to Ukraine. – We are in contact with hospitals that report their needs to us, and we organize and pay for the purchase and transport so that we can get what is missing the most as soon as possible – says Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission.

The auction will be broadcast on Radio 357 on Friday, March 4 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. It will be led by Kuba Strzyczkowski. You will be able to bid by phone: 510 357 357.

Journalists’ items on Allegro Charytatywni and online collection.

In addition to the aerial auction, you can also help through Allegro Charytatywni. This is where the items donated by the journalists of Radio 357 will go:

  • A special program “Max 357” for one listener from Piotr Kaczkowski

  • “W 4 Oczy” broadcast with Michał Olszański

  • Porcelain cat from Ćmielów, from Halina Wachowicz

  • Ceramics from Mariupol by Ernest Zuzun

  • A unique token for the Kiev metro from Paweł Sołtys

  • Unique albums from Marcin Cichoński, Marta Kula and Marek Niedźwiecki

  • Dynamo Kyiv T-shirt by Mateusz Kuźniewski

  • Fryderyk and the apron from Daga Gregorowicz

  • Suvorov’s book autographed by the author from Andrzej Rudke

  • The last photo taken by Rafał Gontarz before the outbreak of the war

  • Spots advertising the winner of the auction performed by Filip Jaślar, Łukasz Error and Krzysztof Szubzda

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