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Urgent help for Kiev neonatal hospital

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The first transport of urgent medical aid left for Ukraine on Sunday. More hospitals will receive support this week – the list of hospitals requiring urgent involvement of the Polish Medical Mission includes facilities from Kyiv, where fighting has intensified in recent hours.

We have established cooperation with an international company that will provide transport in Poland and all over Ukraine. This will allow for the acceleration of humanitarian aid operations and an increase in the number of products shipped. At the moment, transport is planned to three hospitals in Kyiv, including a neonatal hospital that saves the lives of newborns who cannot be evacuated from the country.

We are currently working on providing specialist medical assistance to a neonatal hospital in Kyiv, which provides intensive care for the newborn. This is our priority. This hospital has not been bombed in recent fighting, but there is no way to obtain materials for its operation. Helping mothers and children differs from a large number of shortages of dressings that are used to protect wounds reported to us, which is why we prepare this transport in contact with the Ukrainian and Polish Neonatal Society. In the long term, we assume that we will even reach the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts with our convoy, says Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission. There are no longer any life-saving products in Kyiv, so urgent help from Poland is needed. Wound and burn protection dressings, blood bags, Kramer splints, and stretchers are all the time needed.

Help for children is completely different than for adults due to the specificity of diseases that newborns suffer. The Polish Medical Mission will transport caps on which CPAP respiratory support tubes are attached, intubation tubes are needed to maintain airway patency and mechanical ventilation, Ambu bags for neonatal ventilation, syringes and drains, infusion pumps for infusing drugs and nourishing premature babies. Heating mattresses are needed to keep the child’s body warm when it is necessary to take them out of the incubator, for example when during attacks it is necessary to shelter the staff and patients – says Katarzyna Dąbek, neonatologist at the Łańcut Medical Center.

We ask all wholesalers of medical supplies and manufacturers to contact us and help in organizing help for Ukraine. Our problem is the lack of some necessary products, which extends the time of completing the transport. We are waiting for solutions from the government that will make it easier for us to transport medicines to Ukraine, because we have antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in the queue of needs. We cannot do it at the moment due to formalities – adds Olasińska-Chart.

The Polish Medical Mission has already raised over two million zlotys, which will be allocated to securing further needs reported from Ukraine. The official fundraiser for further medical assistance for Ukraine is still ongoing.

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