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Field hospital in Ukraine – support for local facilities

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A year ago, in response to the outbreak of a full-scale conflict in Ukraine, we decided to support the functioning of the Ukrainian medical care system. One of the planned activities was the opening of a field hospital, which we informed about in the first weeks of the war.

Last year, together with the partner organization Terre des Hommes Italia, we started work on installing a field hospital and financing its current operation, including the cost of medical supplies and medicines) and employing medical staff for 12 months. Thanks to Ziko’s support, Polish Medical Mission purchased professional medical equipment needed to equip the hospital. With the funds of the Italian donor, we purchased 13 tents from the Italian company FERRINO, along with floors and wiring. Polish Medical Mission provided the received medical equipment and an equipped ambulance, which was to supplement the hospital’s resources. Both organizations were to jointly pay for the installation of the facility, salaries of medical staff, and Polish Medical Mission undertook to purchase medical supplies on a permanent basis.

The launch of the hospital is scheduled for April 2022 under the contract with the hospital in Zaporizhia. Due to the offensive of the Russian troops, the hospital in Zaporozhye resigned from the contract due to the lack of required security. Another contract was concluded in April with a hospital in Mikołajów. Unfortunately, due to the constant bombing and the deteriorating security situation, the hospital in Mikołajów also refused to install a field hospital. The third contract was signed with the hospital in Kazanka in July 2022. Unfortunately, once again, security issues blocked our plans. The tents and medical equipment of the field hospital were stored in the hospital in Kazanka, and the ambulance provided by PMM was sent to work in the hospital in Arbuzinka. In October, we unanimously decided to donate the equipment to other hospitals in Ukraine. In November 2022, talks were held with a hospital in Ternopil, which expressed readiness to install tents. At the turn of March and April, which is conditioned by weather conditions and the date of purchase of equipment, the field hospital will be equipped and medical staff will be employed. The hospital should be fully operational by May 2023 at the latest and will operate for 6 months.

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