24 February 2022

Ukraine- Urgent medical assistance!

The news from last night confirmed the worst - Ukraine was attacked again, military columns entered the country. The entire territory was under martial law. The situation is particularly dramatic in the East, where military actions are concentrated.
Our neighbors have been living in a state of emergency since 2014, which has turned into a real drama for all the inhabitants of the country in recent days. Only a few hours away from the center of Poland, children grow up who know, above all, the war and grow up in dilapidated homes and schools. Elderly, sick, and lonely people spend the next days in fear whether their apartment will become the target of an attack this time or whether they will lose their loved ones, some of whom have been forced to leave for a long time. In fear, they spend the next few days locked at home, waiting for help. The most important question in recent days is where is the nearest shelter and whether there is enough water for everyone. Another - is how to protect the wound.
As an organization, we help all over the world, often returning to places where support is still needed. That is why we cannot be indifferent to the war just abroad. Having the experience of the mission in 2014-15, we will once again support the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine in providing the necessary medical care in the conflict zone. We constantly monitor the situation in the country and the activities of local organizations that have so far provided assistance on the spot and verify the possibilities of cooperation.

The collected funds will be used to provide quick medical support and purchase the necessary medical supplies and will be transferred to the local aid organization. If the conflict continues to develop, the number of people in need of urgent assistance may exceed the figure of 2015, when violence in the country escalated. We are ready to start an urgent relief mission in Ukraine.
Urgent medical care in Ukraine!
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