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Ukraine: 2,000 medical consultations in mobile clinics

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Since August, medical teams working in two mobile clinics have conducted almost 2,000 medical consultations among patients from the Kharkiv Oblast. By reaching smaller towns, doctors have a chance to meet people affected by war and those most in need of help

Due to demand, the project, the first part of which will last until the end of the year, will be expanded to include an additional, third clinic for the next two months. Two doctors and two nurses will also work there as basic medical staff, and before going to patients, they will be supported by a pharmacist who will replenish medicines. In the first stage of the project, more than half of the patients were people over 65 years of age. As expected, the most common problems were non-communicable diseases, neglected chronic diseases, hypertension, musculoskeletal disorders, and diabetes. For many patients, visiting the clinic is the first time in many years, due to the pandemic and then the war, that they have the opportunity to verify their health condition and adjust their treatment to the progressive symptoms of the disease.

Kharkiv Oblast is the region that received the largest number of internally displaced persons (690,000 people), mainly from the east and south of the country. Therefore, as part of support for patients, psychological consultations are also conducted – psychological and psychiatric help is one of the key needs of people who lived and still live near the front line. We have conducted over 200 such consultations.


Dear Polish Medical Mission! From a pure heart, with a generous soul, thank you very much for coming to our village Kutuzivka. I am very glad I came for my visit. Your team is great! He listens to every patient and calms down if necessary. When administering medications, he will explain to each patient how to take them. They are so cute, beautiful, cool, nice, attentive. I came to them, they listened to me, heard me, calmed me down. They gave me medicine and humanitarian aid. I hope that with your help I will get back on my feet, as they say. I believe and count on it. May God help you and may the Guardian Angels protect you! May such a misfortune – war – never return to our Ukrainian land. Let there be peace throughout the world! And to you, dear friends, I offer my low bow! – we received this letter from one of the patients of our mobile clinics, who since August have been providing medical assistance to many villages and towns in the Kharkov region, where access to medical care is dramatically difficult.

Mobile clinics can reach those most in need thanks to cooperation with Frida Ukraine.




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