02 November 2023

We are raising emergency funds to help Gaza

The small enclave with an area of 360 km2 is under constant attack and bombardment from the air, land and sea, starting from October 7, 2023. The life of every person in the Gaza Strip is threatened by the bombings, as well as the spread of diseases, lack of medicines, ambulances and medical assistance. , water, food, and sometimes contact with the world. Locked up, without shelter, without escape, waiting for the worst. Together with our long-time partner, the Terre des Hommes Italia organization, we are starting a collection for the residents of the Gaza Strip.
More than 45% of Gaza's residential buildings were destroyed to varying degrees and razed to the ground, burying thousands of people under the rubble.

People on the ground repeat that there is no safe place in the Gaza Strip, people are taking refuge in the still standing houses of relatives, in hospitals that receive constant threats of bombing, in schools and shelters of the UN refugee agency for Palestinians UNRWA, where the number of people is exceeded four times.

On October 31, 2023, in the last single air attack on the refugee camp in Jabala, in the northern part of the Zone, at least 400 people, entire multi-generational families, were killed in one attack, and over a thousand people are under the rubble of collapsed buildings, according to. media reports. Residents, neighbors and survivors bury their families, loved ones and friends with their own hands. Only a few journalists and everyone with access to the network, electricity and the Internet try to document these makeshift rescue operations. Don't let Gaza remain silent - where electricity, mobile networks and the Internet have been shut down for a second time as the bombing of residential areas continues. Gaza was cut off for the first time on October 28 for 36 hours, and for the second time on November 1. Only 217 trucks passed through the border crossing with Egypt in Rafah (October 21-31, 2023) with basic products except fuel - before the war, an average daily number of 500 trucks with products entered the zone.
They need everything:
  • Water, the estimated access of 3 L of water per person to cover all their needs including drinking and cooking, is becoming more and more relevant as many people drink water that is not suitable for drinking.
  • Food, the level of malnutrition increases and depends on the ability of families to meet their needs, parents limit their intake, risking their health, in order to be able to feed their children.
  • Medicines and medical care, in the face of a more than complete blockade, medicines for the sick are running out, a week ago the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the collapse of the health service, although hospitals have their doors open to those in need and medical staff are doing everything in their power to help without access to the most basic medical supplies, medicines and appropriate sanitary conditions.
  • Warm clothes, blankets, heaters in anticipation of the winter season, which, given the current destruction and lack of shelter, will have tragic consequences for many.
  • Support for children who experience trauma and fear for their lives, sometimes separated from their parents or families, who have died, are sick or injured. Volunteers and medical staff try to provide psychological support for the youngest children, giving them a moment of silence and forgetfulness through various activities and games in moments of silence.
We have established cooperation with our long-term partner, the Terre des Hommes Italia. Currently, we want to provide Palestinians with the products they need most after fleeing their homes: blankets, mattresses, warm clothes.



Urgent aid for people in Gaza!
Bank transfer: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 titled GAZA