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The first transport reached Ukraine

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The scale of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is growing every minute. Hospitals do not have enough resources to provide medical assistance to all those in need. Aid comes from Poland – Ukraine is already receiving the first transports of the necessary medical equipment.

On Sunday, our representatives met at the border crossing in Hrebenne-Rawa Ruska with Ukrainian partners from the Association of Mountain Rescuers ROVIN, who provided aid to the Ukrainian Red Cross and Lviv territorial defense. The value of the transport is PLN 100,000. We will regularly send supplies that will guarantee the continuity of the emergency departments of Ukrainian hospitals. The most urgent are dressings, splints, gauze, but also stretchers, disposable gloves, and means of securing rescuers. The next step is to organize the transport of medicines across the border with Ukraine. Currently, painkillers and antibiotics are most needed, but they need to transport specialist drugs that require a special type of transport is taken into account.

At the moment, we are not recruiting volunteers, nor are we accepting medicines or equipment that we have ordered personally as part of the upcoming transport. In the next few days, it will be determined whether it is necessary to provide additional doctors on duty at reception centers and hospitals in the eastern part of the country. If such needs arise, we will send an official announcement about the expansion of activities and the possibility of joining the team of the Polish Medical Mission.

We have experience of working at the Polish-Belarusian border a few months ago and information about cooperating doctors with whom we have worked so far during medical missions. At the moment, we are focusing on helping Ukraine and responding to calls for support as soon as possible. There, the needs are the greatest and most urgent, and the lack of goods on the Ukrainian market makes shopping impossible. One of the next places on our list is Kyiv, where the situation is getting worse – says Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission.

We have already raised over a million zlotys, which will be allocated to securing further needs reported from Ukraine. The official fundraiser for further medical assistance for Ukraine is still ongoing.

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