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First 28 days of the life

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From the beginning of the war, we were involved in helping Ukrainian hospitals, dealing with shortages of the most necessary medical products, power outages, and – what’s most painful – attacks from the enemy who targeted the most defenseless inhabitants of the country, pregnant women and their newborn kids. Specialist care in the first, decisive 28 days of life will allow them to see much more in the future than a hospital room and the destruction of war. We help newborns in Ukraine grow up happily.

Over the next 12 months, we will expand our commitment to strengthening neonatal care in Ukraine. To this end, we will equip hospitals with resuscitation stations for newborns and patient monitors for newborns, as well as conduct training of employees designated to operate them, and other members of the medical staff will benefit from a separate educational program that will expand their knowledge in the field of patient and child care. The devices provided will meet all standards and requirements so that they are ready to work from the first day they are placed in the hospital. For mothers, we have prepared training courses in lactation, reproductive health, and newborn hygiene. Our help will reach 3000 mothers and children across the country, but thanks to the inclusion of educational activities, we hope that the acquired knowledge will translate into long-term improvement of mother and child care.

In recent months, the UN has recorded 516 attacks on medical facilities in Ukraine. In March, we witnessed one of the most severe attacks, when bombs fell on the Mariupol maternity hospital. For thousands of women, the time of childbirth is inextricably linked with the trauma of assault, the uncertainty of tomorrow, and the fear that their children will survive the first days of their lives safely. As part of our activity, which puts the health of the most vulnerable groups first, in cooperation with Ukrainian neonatologists, we have prepared a special set of necessary devices and materials. Transports directed to this type of institutions are precisely refined, so that each donated piece of equipment meets the needs of premature babies and children fighting for their lives. Each subsequent day of helping Ukraine is a great responsibility and a challenge for us to reach the largest group of people in need.

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