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Ambulances and medical equipment for Ukraine

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Ukraine’s Consul General in Krakow, Wiaczesław Wojnarowskyj, met with representatives of Vasco Electronics and Polish Medical Mission to express gratitude for the activities of humanitarian and medical aid teams so far. Representatives of both organizations presented their plans for expanding their activities in the coming months. They also presented one of the ambulances that will soon go to Ukraine to help save lives even more effectively.

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Both organizations have established PMM Vasco Emergency Team– a rapid response medical rescue team, which is applying for the accreditation of the World Health Organization. Although the team is recruiting and does not conduct rescue operations, the results of its work are already visible – transports with supplies to medical facilities in Ukraine. In addition to medical equipment, hospital beds, and medicines, an ambulance was delivered to the hospital in Drohobycz. In the coming days, 4 more ambulances will be handed over to Ukrainian hospitals. They will be delivered to facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv and Kramatorsk, and one of the best-equipped ambulances will support the work of the field hospital of the Polish Medical Mission in Mikołajów. It will be the first of the field hospitals to be provided as necessary support for the municipal hospital in a situation of increased demand resulting from internal displacement of people in the south of the country.

The meeting was devoted to helping Ukraine during Russia’s military aggression. Thank you very much for helping my country in the fight for territorial integrity and sovereignty, not only of Ukraine but of the whole of Europe – summed up the Consul meeting. – We are very grateful for the gifts and help, including ambulances from the PMM Vasco Emergency Team and Polish Medical Mission. These are very important gifts that will help save lives in Ukraine.

As part of the activities supporting the Ukrainian health service, Polish Medical Mission has already sent over 50 transports with the necessary medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals, supplying a total of over 140 hospitals. They included not only drugs and dressings but also medical equipment and vaccines.

From the second day of the war, Vasco Electronics lent almost 500 electronic translators, which it produces, to nearly 200 non-governmental organizations, medical aid centers, hospitals, and reception points throughout Poland, which organize assistance for refugees.

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