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We’re hiring external medical consultant in Colombia

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“External medical consultancy in sexual and reproductive health Bogotá” for the project strengthening access to maternal care services for migrant and host populations in the towns of Bosa, Kennedy, and Los Mártires, Bogotá. Polish Medical Mission, through a consortium with Humanity and Inclusion Colombia, will be implementing a project in the city of Bogotá financed by GIZ to improve access to sexual and reproductive health for the migrant and local population.

In order to improve access to primary care health services with a focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Prenatal Maternal Health (SRH -SMP) for the migrant and vulnerable host population, this project seeks to strengthen the individual and collective interventions required to health promotion and timely management of health risks of target populations in the localities of Bosa, Kennedy and Los Mártires in Bogotá.

Among the activities to be developed within the framework of the project, training cycles will be carried out for the Community Units or other mechanisms or informal networks at the community level that already exists: The Units will be trained through 2 training sessions per week, for three weeks, to groups of 12 members of the Units with the accompaniment of two professional nurses who transfer knowledge in the prioritized thematic axes:

  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Prenatal Maternal Health
  • Routes of access to the health system for affiliated and unaffiliated migrant populations.

In addition, two weeks of training are planned for nurses’ delivery by a doctor sent from Europe with expertise in Maternal care to guide the programmatic lines of this action. To the extent possible, this action will also be part of the pre-identification and characterization of new units with the potential for the formation of community structures that contribute to increased promotion of health care and disease prevention, as well as risk management in the most vulnerable migrant and host communities in the prioritized locations of Kennedy, Los Mártires and Bosa. To measure the results, monitoring and evaluation of the acquisition of knowledge will be carried out through pre- and post-training evaluations. This will allow us to identify the level of knowledge acquisition of the participants and opportunities for improvement for future activities within the framework of the proposal.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

  • Design of training material on sexual and reproductive health.
  • Deliver training to personnel based on Colombian about sexual and reproductive health.

Place of implementation: Bogotá – Colombia
Consulting time: 1 month starting from middle September

Main interlocutors:

  • Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of PMM
  • HI Migration Program Coordinator
  • Bogota Project Manager
  • Sexual and reproductive health team

Rodzaj umowy: Umowa konsultingowa

Type of contract: Consultancy contract

Profile: Medical specialist in sexual and reproductive health, with a minimum experience of 3 years, with knowledge of the Colombian context, regulations, and public health, European nationality, and immediate availability.

Working language: Spanish or English

Economic remuneration: 6,630 euros (including travel and accommodation costs)

How to apply: Send your technical proposal to the email which will be received with a deadline of September 15, 2022. Indicate in the subject of the message: “External medical consultancy in sexual and reproductive health Bogotá”.



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