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Medical aid will go to the Afghans

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On Monday, December 6, an unusual meeting took place at the Krakow headquarters of the Polish Medical Mission. Sara and Asma Nazari, twenty-year-old Afghan women, came to Poland as arguably the first Afghan citizens since the August evacuation.

Thanks to the support of Polish donors, we raised $ 15,000 to help Afghans in Pakistan. According to UN data, 1.2 million Afghans may soon find themselves in the border provinces of Pakistan, especially Khayber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. With the influx of people, access to medical care becomes more difficult and the risk of disease spreading in crowded makeshift camps increases. Quickly reacting to emerging threats is a chance to save your life. Sometimes an antibiotic is enough, but even this one can be hard to come by.

To this end, we have established cooperation with Save The Children Pakistan, which helps 5,000 Afghan families who have been forced to flee the country in recent months. The needs are complex, and while most refugees live in newly established camps that provide security and shelter, some settle outside of organized places of stay. The priority is to provide medical assistance to both groups.

The raised funds will be used to cover the most important needs of the hospital in Chaman in Pakistan, a city located right on the Afghan border. The facility receives large numbers of new refugees seeking medical care. To operate as efficiently as possible, new health care teams are being formed to reach out to newly created informal settlements inhabited by Afghans. We are still closely monitoring the situation of the Afghans on the spot and verifying the most important needs.

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