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Polish Medical Mission helps in the restricted zone

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Since yesterday, the first medics, volunteers of the Polish Medical Mission, provide medical aid to migrants in the restricted zone. It is possible thanks to cooperation with the hospital in Hajnówka. A medical rescuer and a child surgeon were delegated as employees-volunteers of the hospital in Hajnówka to his subordinate health center in Białowieża, in the zone of emergency. Migrants who arrive at the facility are tired, dehydrated, chilled, need medication and help with wound care.

Two volunteers of the Polish Medical Mission are currently working at the Municipal Health Center in Białowieża, who were directed there by the management of the hospital in Hajnówka as employees – volunteers of the hospital. People who require medical attention come to the facility every day. The most common cases are related to colds, abrasions, wounds to be treated. Patients in a more severe condition are referred to the hospital in Hajnówka, however, as the management of the hospital emphasizes, these are isolated cases.

The PMM volunteers were delegated as employees – hospital volunteers by the management of the hospital in Hajnówka to work in the clinic in Białowieża, which is under the hospital. They are the first medics working for the organization to be sent to work in the restricted zone. And in fact, the Polish Medical Mission is the first to legally work over there, in Białowieża.

– says Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart from the Polish Medical Mission.

As part of the cooperation established by the Polish Medical Mission with the hospital in Hajnówka, the last weeks were recruiting paramedics, pediatricians, internists, and infectious disease specialists to support the hospital and its primary health care center in Czeremcha and Białowieża. From several dozen applications, volunteers were able to select people who started cooperation a week ago and strengthened the medical team to ensure that all patients had constant access to care at the time of an increased number of admissions to the facility. In the coming weeks, the volunteers will work on-site on a rotating basis, based on an ongoing assessment of the situation and staff needs.

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