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We will be helping at the Polish-Belarusian border

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The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is becoming more and more dramatic every day. Difficult weather conditions, as well as harsh natural environment – forests and swamps in which refugees wander, require the involvement of additional medical teams, providing the most urgent help to victims of hunger, cold, and lack of access to medicines. Being aware of the threat to the lives of people in the border areas, the Polish Medical Mission begins rescue operations.


We conducted consultations, verified the most urgent needs, places, and activities that required immediate support. The funds raised by us will ensure that the needs of the hospital in Hajnówka and the primary health care institutions in Czeremcha and Białowieża are covered by financing the work of additional doctors who are necessary in times of increased demand for medical personnel. The hospital in Hajnówka receives refugees who require medical intervention, detained in counties covered by the state of emergency, as well as those who have crossed the border in recent days after exhausting waiting for help. At the same time, the facility constantly serves the inhabitants of the region, but the increased number of admissions has put a heavy strain on the staff at the hospital’s disposal. Additional paramedics, pediatricians, internists, and infectious disease specialists are needed to provide uninterrupted medical assistance. Hospital support will be provided by medics associated with the Polish Medical Mission, who will work on-site in a rotational system, thanks to which all patients will be able to count on constant and qualified care.

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We are in constant contact with institutions, foundations, and volunteers present on the spot. We will provide the support that responds to the needs of all those currently in the state of emergency, in line with the standards we have followed in our work so far in medical missions and in line with the fundamental principles of humanitarian aid. We want to serve not only the people coming to our country but also the inhabitants of the border areas, who themselves show great courage and commitment to saving human life. Experienced paramedics and specialist doctors, prepared to work in demanding and difficult conditions, will help us in this.

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