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5 most important facts about anaemia

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A disease that can affect almost anyone in the world, regardless of social status. It must not be underestimated because it can be “clandestinely” life-threatening. And yet, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, we should especially take care of our and loved ones’ health.

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Anaemia, or erythrocytopaenia

Anaemia, or erythrocytopaenia, occurs when there is too little haemoglobin and red blood cells in the bloodstream. The most common cause of erythrocytopaenia is iron deficiency, which is lacking in the daily diet.

The cause is inadequate diet

Eating meals lacking the right nutrients causes the body to gradually weaken. As a result, by neglecting a balanced diet on a daily basis, there can be developed chronic diseases closely related to iron, iodine, zinc, and vitamin A deficiency, i.e. substances that have a large impact on the performance of our immune system. These diseases include i.a. anaemia, usually due to the lack of iron.

It is easy to mistake it for ordinary fatigue

The most common symptoms of anaemia are: dizziness, trouble concentrating, nosebleeds, chronic fatigue, etc. In addition, the disease affects the appearance – hair falls out, skin turns pale, and nails become brittle. At some point, even the simplest household chores, requiring only a little effort, are a real challenge. Taking into account considerable requirements of the civilized world, it is very easy to ignore these symptoms. However, it should be remembered that delaying treatment can have serious health effects and be life-threatening.

It endangers the health of an unborn child

In the prenatal period, the child needs essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to develop properly. If a pregnant woman suffers from anaemia, there is a high risk that the baby will be born sick. In this case, the newborn may have difficulty breathing on its own because of iron deficiency. The first month will be crucial for the baby, as long as he or she receives adequate medical care. In case of extreme iron deficiency, premature labour or post-partum haemorrhage may occur.

Anaemia can also be genetic

In Poland, there are mainly acquired anaemia and haemolytic anaemia, which results from a deficiency of appropriate nutrients. However, cases where a genetic defect is the cause have also been observed. So far, central and western Africa have had the highest number of cases of sickle cell anaemia.

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