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National Geographic Poland Photography Auction

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Polish photographers associated with National Geographic Polska donated their photos to the charity auction of the Polish Medical Mission. The photos can be purchased until September 10 at Allegro Charytatywni, and all the funds raised will be spent on medical aid in the places most in need in the world.

We join forces with National Geographic Polska photographers to show how climate change affects us all, in particular people experiencing armed conflicts, resource deficits, difficult economic situation, migration or refugees. Climate change is also a deterioration of the food and health situation of millions of people around the world. Among the artists supporting the campaign, there are names regularly featured in the magazine: Iwona El Tanbouli-Jabłońska – artistic director of National Geographic Polska, Mateusz Razidło, Alicja Lehmann, Marcin Zaborowski, Marzena Wystrach, Mikołaj Nowacki, Iza Romanik, Paweł Młodkowski, Tomasz Szpila, Mariusz Śmiejek, Zbigniew Brzozowski, Mateusz Matuszczak and Janusz Jurek.

A total of 62 photographs will present a diverse world seen through the lens of the camera, changing before our eyes. The collected records of travels across all continents, made over the last two decades, have become the core of the auction in which the human being is the center – as the perpetrator and victim of sudden changes, as well as an observer powerless against the forces of nature. We combine the artists’ perspective on the issues of excessive use of resources and violent atmospheric phenomena with the world of humanitarian aid, which is a response to crises. This is another auction of photography that we have prepared for our donors – previously, together with the artists, we presented you the diverse world of India, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Buy a selected photo from the collection on Allegro Charity:



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