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Battling famine in Yemen

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Since 2015, a conflict has raged in Yemen that has changed the lives of all the inhabitants of this country of almost 30 million. Six years ago, the situation of civilians was very bad. Now it is tragic. The Yemenis will not survive without our help.

One meal a day – for more than half of Yemenis, this is the only way to survive another day. 24 million inhabitants require urgent help, 16 of them are on the verge of starvation. But where to find food in a country where floods have destroyed all crops and where ineffective agriculture is unable to function in a country torn by the conflict? Where, even if you can get any money, is it worthless?

Living in such unstable conditions, each routine makes it possible to deal with the next day. Only a small group of Yemenis can afford to start the day with even a modest meal. For the rest, sunrise is an endless search – food, medicine, access to a doctor who will find time to help a long line of patients, a small job that will give you a chance to earn money and keep your mind occupied.

Malnutrition is a serious problem, but not only because of a lack of food. There is some food in the markets; many people simply cannot afford to buy it. It is beyond their reach. We run nutrition programs as an integral part of our operations, virtually everywhere we work in Yemen.

says Justin Armstrong, head of mission for Doctors Without Borders in Yemen

Plunged in a humanitarian crisis, Yemen has set new, painful boundaries in the modern world. For the third year in a row, the situation in the country is considered catastrophic. How is it possible that in an abundant world, parents are unable to provide food for their newborn children?

The project conducted in cooperation with Doctors Without Borders.

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