03 March 2023

10 neonatal hospitals in Ukraine with specialist help

We have been running a project to strengthen health care in the field of neonatology and obstetrics in Ukraine for half a year. Cooperation with Ukrainian neonatologists and patients allows for better use of the latest knowledge in the field of caring for the youngest patients in the daily fight for health.
The program of training and delivery of specialist equipment is carried out in 10 neonatal hospitals in Kyiv, Dnieper, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Zaporozhye, Poltava and Lviv. All cooperating facilities are already using new devices - advanced, high-quality resuscitation stations for newborns, patient monitors for newborns (for measuring and analyzing vital signs), and infusion pumps for newborns. In December 2022, stationary medical training for the staff of neonatology and obstetrics wards began. As part of the project, one 4-day medical training was held. In total, 346 doctors from Ukraine took part in all 10 medical trainings - we managed to exceed the assumed number of 100 trained people more than three times! We are particularly pleased to hear that no neonatologist has decided to leave the country, staying with the youngest patients, now more than ever in need of specialist help.
PMM neonatological assistance in Ukraine in numbers:
  • 10 neonatal intensive care units in the project
  • 995 trained representatives of medical staff in an online course in the field of patient rights on Medvoice
  • 346 trained representatives of medical staff in stationary medical training
  • 50 trained representatives of medical staff in online training in the field of patient rights
  • 780 patients in a webinar on Medvoice
  • 144 patients in online and in-person awareness sessions
The total budget is PLN 2,360,000.00. Project financed by Jeronimo Martins.

  • Thanks to the endurance and courage of our neonatologists, and the support of friends around the world in the form of various humanitarian aid, infant mortality in 2022 remained almost at the peacetime level of 6.7 per mille. Unfortunately, the number of births in Ukraine decreased by almost 40,000, while the number of premature births and the number of children born with extremely low birth weight increased. There has been a shift in the number of births in different parts of Ukraine: a significant decrease in the southern, eastern and northern regions, while a 2-3-fold increase in the west and in the center. Many women return home to give birth, and this gives us hope that Ukraine will survive and have a bright future!, says Prof. Tetiana Znamenska, MD, PhD, president of the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine, coordinator of PMM medical training.
  • Dzięki wytrzymałości i odwadze naszych neonatologów oraz wsparciu przyjaciół z całego świata w postaci różnorodnej pomocy humanitarnej, śmiertelność niemowląt w 2022 roku pozostała prawie na poziomie z czasów pokoju, czyli 6,7 promila. Niestety, liczba urodzeń w Ukrainie zmniejszyła się o prawie 40 tysięcy, przy czym wzrosła liczba porodów przedwczesnych i liczba dzieci urodzonych ze skrajnie niską masą urodzeniową. Nastąpiło przesunięcie liczby urodzeń w różnych częściach Ukrainy: znaczny spadek w regionach południowych, wschodnich i północnych, natomiast 2-3-krotny wzrost na zachodzie i w centrum. Wiele kobiet wraca do domu, aby rodzić, a to daje nam nadzieję, że Ukraina przetrwa i będzie miała świetlaną przyszłość!, mówi Prof. dr n. med. Tetiana Znamenska, prezeska Stowarzyszenia Neonatologów Ukrainy, koordynatorka szkoleń medycznych PMM.



In the second half of January 2023, two online events were also organized on the Ukrainian medical platform Medvoice. Available recordings are available at any time for patients throughout Ukraine. The webinar for patients entitled "Becoming a Mum in Time of War: Important Things to Know" has been played 780 times so far. The second addressed to medical workers, was entitled "Doctor-patient communication: foreign practices and Ukrainian realities". So far, 1607 doctors from Ukraine have registered for the course, out of 995 of them participated in the online course, passed the test, and received a certificate. In addition, for pregnant and postpartum patients, we have prepared a series of stationary sessions to raise awareness about patient rights, pregnancy, and newborn care, held monthly in each of the hospitals covered by the project. There will be 80 training sessions throughout the year. More than 100 women have already benefited from them, and another 42 took part in online sessions discussing these issues.

These are just some of the activities we have undertaken in recent months in cooperation with Ukrainian neonatologists. We use a variety of solutions and paths to reach patients and doctors so that people from all over the country have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the training materials prepared by us, the most up-to-date knowledge, and work standards in medical facilities in the European Union.
Urgent medical care in Ukraine!
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