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Medical aid again in Jordan

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We return to the Arabian Peninsula, where we provide medical assistance to refugees from Syria and the poorest Jordanians. We will re-launch the mobile clinic and support families in a difficult economic situation by providing them with free access to treatment. Additionally, the Polish medical team will conduct training for local personnel.

In the Al-Mafrak governorate, less than half of the 163,000 registered Syrian refugees found a place in refugee camps. In Zarqa, with 95,000 refugees, the figure is about half. The rest live in informal camps, isolated from urban areas. Tens of thousands of people are practically cut off from the health care system, both due to formal issues and the lack of financial resources, even to travel to the nearest clinic. More than 1.3 million Syrians are a huge burden for poor Jordan, and the country has limited opportunities to respond to their needs. Both Jordanians and Syrians face the same problems – low incomes and the economic crisis, affecting all aspects of life, lead to the neglect of basic needs and, consequently, deterioration of health.

This year, we are returning to Jordan to help the most needy families living in the governorates of Amman, Zarqa, and Al-Mafrak. Once again, trusted partners will help us – Terre des Hommes Italy and JHAS International. Before the end of the year, four Polish doctors will fly to Jordan to train medical staff working in hospitals and health centers.

One of the main assumptions of the project is to restore the functioning of a mobile clinic with full equipment (including mobile ultrasound scanner, mobile fetal monitor, medical equipment), purchased from Polish Aid funds in 2017-2018. It will provide medical assistance 5 days a week, reaching Syrian refugees and poor Jordanians. The mobile clinic team in the coming months will identify 100 beneficiaries, mainly women in the most difficult life situations, who need economic support to gain access to basic medical services. We will also cover the costs of specialist maternity services for women and girls living in the Zaatari refugee camp, transport of patients to and from the hospital and purchase of layettes for newborns. The activities planned by the end of the year will help 3,500 people obtain necessary medical assistance. In addition, 850 families will be provided with hygiene packages, which will include, among others, personal hygiene items, towels and sanitary napkins. The distribution of packages will be accompanied by educational meetings on protection against infection with viral diseases.

The project is financed by the funds of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland as part of the public task entitled “Provision of medical services to Syrian refugees and the poorest local community in Jordan. Continuation.” implemented in 2022. Total value of the project: PLN 2,162,926.00.

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