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Mum for mum. Support families from Venezuela with us!

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Since 2017, Venezuela has been in economic and humanitarian collapse. Families are living on the brink of poverty, electricity is only available for a few hours a day, and thousands of people have lost their jobs as a result of the epidemic. The Polish Medical Mission is providing aid to one of the poorest regions in the country, Rubio, together with the local organisation Deus Caritas Est. On the occasion of Mother’s Day and Children’s Day, we want to connect Polish mothers with mothers in Venezuela, who struggle every day for food for their children and do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Choose the family you want to help; here are some examples:

A large family

There are 9 of us, including our 7 children, living in a small tin hut. We lost our jobs because of the crisis, only the eldest son has a job; it is really hard for us. I took care of the home so that the children should never miss anything, and my husband was an ice cream seller. He is now unemployed because of the crisis. We eat one meal a day, mostly just rice and tortillas, and we drink clean water. We have no gas; we use firewood that we bring with our children from the forest every day. In our database we have 240 families like this one waiting for help.

Family with a disabled child

Because of our child’s disability, we have always lived modestly but we put all our energy and savings into rehabilitation so that our daughter should be able to function normally. Now this is impossible; it is only my husband that has a job; we can only afford food and cleaning products, and sometimes we even have a problem with this. We have to buy medicines and change shoes for our daughter, and now it is impossible for us. In our database we have 30 families like this one waiting for help.

Family living in extreme poverty

My wife and I are raising 3 children; we live in a tin hut, without any bathroom, electricity or gas; we have no floors. My only aid is my brother who sells lemons. Due to the crisis and the coronavirus, I cannot find a job, I only get some casual jobs for 1 dollar a day to have at least enough for food. We are most worried about our children who cannot live in such conditions; they often get cold, and they eat 1 meal a day. In our database we have 230 families like this one waiting for help.

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