20 January 2021

Road to life

Regular human rights violations, food shortages, lack of healthcare, corruption, violence and economic collapse are just some of the reasons for the departure of 5.4 million citizens from Venezuela. Migrating from a country is a risk that is taken by ordinary but also the most desperate people.
The greatest difficulty is getting to a place that could be called home. For thousands of Venezuelans, the primary goal is to reach the La Guajira region of Colombia. To do this, some people have to travel around 250 km. Unfortunately, they cannot count on any means of transport other than their own legs. They have to march long, wade through the wild jungle, as well as climb steep mountains. They are mainly women and children...

They are exposed to many dangers while traveling. When navigating informal routes, they encounter theft and violence in border areas. They lack food and medicine. That's why we want to make sure that they reach the finish line safe and sound.
Because this is their only "road to life"...


of walking the distance of 1 kilometre


For how many km you can support them



To set off, mothers had to buy shoes, food, a pram, clothes for rainy nights, often medicines. The organization Save The Children, with whom we help in La Guajira, estimates that the cost of walking 1 km for a family of 4 is about $ 5.
Our partner in this action is Save the Children Colombia.
Alejandra tries to reach Cali in Colombia.
Support Venezuelans trying to reach their new homes
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