Medical assistance for hospitals in Ukraine. We send transports with medical supplies to hospitals throughout the country. We save the lives of war victims and patients whose evacuation is impossible.

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How are we helping?

Our activities in Poland:

  • In Kobyłka near Warsaw, in cooperation with Terre des Hommes Italia, we conduct activities aimed at improving the mental state of children with refugee experiences. We provide them with healthy development thanks to various physical activities, language learning, and additional activities that allow them to naturally join the group of their peers.
  • The Child Friendly Space project, where integration services, specialized in the field of psychological care, the assistance of a lawyer, interpreter, holiday classes, and other activities aimed at children and adults are coordinated. The initiative is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the EEA and Norway Grants.
  • As part of the Iron Help campaign, over 350 project participants from Ukraine and Poland will be covered by an extensive rehabilitation and prosthesis program

Our activities in Ukraine:

  • We supported 26 hospitals and neonatal wards in Ukraine, where those who could not escape are staying. We provide supplies for maternity wards, we train staff, mothers, and pregnant women.

So far we have done:

  • A team consisting of doctors and nurses provided assistance at three border crossings on the Ukrainian side. Paramedics also helped them, with ambulances at their disposal to transport patients in serious condition to hospitals on the Polish side of the border. Points operated in medical containers. Activities at the border were carried out in cooperation with the International Medical Corps.
  • We provided Ukrainian hospitals with 15,000 doses of a vaccine against tetanus and diphtheria. The purchase was supported by EIT Health
  • We handed over 5 equipped ambulances.
  • We have delivered over 120 transports with medical aid.. We delivered dressings, antibiotics, painkillers, needles, syringes, inflatable tubes, WHO emergency kits, medical furniture, surgical tools, first aid kits, defibrillators, and tactical tourniquets.
  • We have sent medical aid to over 100 Ukrainian hospitals. Each facility provided us with detailed information on the needs that they are unable to meet on their own. Based on the collected information, we prepared orders placed in Poland, and then send them by humanitarian transports to the Ukrainian side. The transports mainly consisted of dressings, medications, and therapeutic food for newborns. The initiative is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the EEA and Norway Grants.

Why do we help in Ukraine?

As a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, over 6 million people were forced to flee the country. However, there are still people who cannot be evacuated, and the number of victims of the conflict increased. The warehouses of the medical supply companies are empty - aid for hospitals has to be brought from Poland.

We ensure the uninterrupted operation of Ukrainian hospitals by purchasing and delivering the most urgent medical equipment and medicines necessary to save health and life.

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Who helps in Ukraine?

We are one of the few Polish non-governmental organizations that provide medical assistance. We help where the needs are the greatest. Our assistance is long-term – it brings permanent changes in the communities we support.
Terre des Hommes Italia
Support for the daily stay point for children, adolescents and adults in Kobyłka, aimed at social integration and activation of refugees from Ukraine. Financing of a field hospital in Mikołajewo.
International Medical Corps
Medical assistance for Ukrainian refugees at border crossings and reception points in Poland.
EEA and Norway Grants
Child Friendly Spaces. Supplying hospitals in Ukraine with medical equipment and drugs.
Polish Medical Mission for Ukraine
SOS Ukraine!
Urgent medical assistance for Ukraine!
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