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Thanks to your commitment, more people will learn about the actions conducted by the Polish Medical Mission, and aid will reach a greater number of individuals.

Do you know that it’s enough to use your own potential to contribute to improving the fate of thousands of people worldwide? With the Mission, you can implement even small initiatives. You can celebrate your birthday with PMM or organize a charity concert with us—everything depends on your imagination! You can also buy charity bricks on Allegro or auction your items in one of our campaigns. The possibilities are limitless. You don’t have to worry about financial or accounting issues. Your task is only to encourage your friends. Helping can be easier than you think; find out for yourself! Below are a few tips and inspirations.

How to fundraise with PMM

Frequently asked questions:

How to organize a successful fundraiser that engages guests?

If you are planning to start a fundraiser for the first time, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with supporting materials. There are several important tips that can significantly increase the effectiveness of the fundraiser and expedite the process of collecting the needed amount. Check out our instructions available at misjapomoc. If you have any questions, concerns, or are wondering whether you should start a fundraiser or have concerns about it, contact us!

Can my wedding or birthday guests donate to the Polish Medical Mission instead of giving gifts?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re planning to celebrate an important occasion, use it as an opportunity to share goodness. Start a fundraiser on our platform and invite your guests to join the mission together. Turn a gift into aid that changes the lives of those in need in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Senegal, Syria, or Venezuela.

How to list an item as part of a charity auction?

Use the charity listing form. Choose one of the Polish Medical Mission’s fundraising goals you want to support and list your item. You can find our goals by clicking here. When someone buys your charity listing, the money from the sale will go directly to the organization whose fundraising goal you’re supporting. The shipping amount will go to you to cover the delivery costs.

Which items can I auction on Allegro Charytatywni?

In addition to purchasing bricks for our goals on Allegro Charity, you can also list an item and donate the collected amount to PMM. Items from most categories can be auctioned for charity, with some exceptions like drugs, military items, services, animals, and cars.

How to best donate clothes to support PMM’s campaign on the “Ubrania do oddania” website?

You can find all the answers to questions about donating clothes to support our campaigns by clicking here.

How to become a Patron and support PMM on

You can become our patron in 3 simple steps: Find the Polska Misja Medyczna account by clicking here. Just below the PMM icon on our profile, you will find the “Become a Patron” button. Next, register and then choose a pledge. The next step is to choose the support level, which is the monthly amount you want to support a specific creator, and create an account. After creating an account, select the support level with the amount you want to support the Creator. You’re now a Patron, thank you!

Zdjęcie z misji humanitarnej: Polska Misja Medyczna jako pomocnik w odbudowie zdrowia społeczności.

Anastazja Treszczanowicz

Donor Relations Specialist

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Successful fundraisers

Wspólna troska o zdrowie globalne - Polska Misja Medyczna jako głos solidarności.

Szkoła Podstawowa im. Kazimierza Nowaka w Dąbrówce

Thanks to the artistic installation "Drop of Biodiversity" and the involvement of the School Volunteer Club, we managed to raise 1249 zł to help Andre from Senegal.
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Wspólna walka z chorobami: Polska Misja Medyczna jako sojusznik w misji uzdrowienia.

PMM team with KiKŚ

We managed to raise 52,626 zł to aid the residents of the Gaza Strip.
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Wspólna troska o zdrowie globalne - Polska Misja Medyczna jako głos solidarności.

For her birthday, Marta collected 610 zł for prosthetics for children from Syria.

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Zdjęcie chwili pomocy: Polska Misja Medyczna zmienia świat.

Concerts of the “Nie Wiem” Band

We managed to raise 1102 zł to aid Ukraine.
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Polska Misja Medyczna - Razem dla lepszej przyszłości zdrowia globalnego.

European College in Krakow

We managed to raise funds to aid children from Syria.
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Build aid with us in places where they need it the most.