20 December 2022

We are together with families in Ukraine

For the more than 40 million people still in Ukraine, the upcoming holidays will be one of the hardest days since the beginning of the war. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa... successive attacks deprived residents of electricity and heating, destroying houses and streets. Because the sense of security collapsed on February 24.
Humanitarian aid packages are nothing like the dishes from the Christmas table. Instead of the bells calling for the service, you can hear the hum of the generators that have to keep the water flowing. You won't survive without them.

When escaping underground, you can take a backpack with the most necessary things, with something that will occupy the heads of children who are starting to get used to the sounds of sirens, although they are afraid the same way every time. You can sing Christmas carols together, share prosphora or a piece of bread. And wish yourself and others safety. The youngest children have to wait until the next Christmas to get to know the sweet taste of kutia and candlelight, and in their memories of their first years there will be the taste of fear and the light of flashlights in shelters.
Let's not forget about the families in Ukraine, for whom the upcoming holidays are a time of fear and uncertainty. And who believe that soon they will meet their loved ones again.
Let's not forget about Ukrainian families this Christmas
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