Renovation of operating theatres and a delivery room, purchase of equipment for the health care centre in Kakooge. Ambulance service and staff training conducted by Polish doctors


Why did we help in Uganda?

Kakooge is a large village located in the province of Nakasangola, in northern Uganda, in the bush. It is crossed by the main national road connecting Uganda’s capital Kampala with South Sudan. For several years now, Polish Franciscans have been working in the village and they have contributed to the development of this place – they have built a missionary centre, deep wells, schools, including primary, vocational and secondary schools, and a Health Centre, that is, a small hospital and outpatient clinic.

The Health Centre receives about 240 patients with various ailments every month while 40 people are hospitalized every month. There are 23 beds in the hospital. There is only one doctor among 13 medical workers, nurses, lab technicians and medical assistants. Injuries and hernias are the most common medical problems requiring surgical intervention.
The sincere gratitude of the Ugandan patients was shocking but also reminded me of the importance of my work.
Renata Popik,

How did we help in Uganda?

Thanks to the Polish Aid funds we have been collaborating with the Franciscan Health Centre IV in Kakooge, Uganda since 2013. In 2014, we ran educational projects to raise the qualifications of medical staff. We renovated operating theatres and purchased specialist equipment, including an ambulance that enables quick transport of victims of traffic accidents to the hospital and transport of patients to hospitals in Kampala. We performed training procedures – hernia surgeries and we took care of children and pregnant women.

In 2015 we equipped the delivery room and the medical posts with the necessary equipment for efficient obstetric care. We continued our educational activities by training local staff in surgical techniques. We also launched a mobile clinic, thanks to which it was possible to reach villagers in the Nakasangola district. We trained 15 local leaders in hygiene, medical education and care of pregnant women, mothers and neonates.

In 2017, two doctors from Poland, surgeon Renata Popik and anaesthesiologist Olga Stańkowska carried out training operations at the Ugandan health centre for 3 weeks thereby teaching the local staff. In total, they performed 34 training procedures, mainly hernia surgeries.
training operations
conducted by Polish doctors
purchased for a health centre
local leaders
Who do we help?

People’s stories

We provide medical care for pregnant women and small children. In the Middle East, we help refugees in camps. Learn the stories of people we support around the world.

meet Harriet

In 2016 Harriet was 11 years old and lived with her parents in a small village near Blantyre in Malawi. Although Malawi is on the list of the world’s poorest countries, Harriet was happy – she had parents and was healthy. Unfortunately, the girl was hit by a car, and since then she has had serious problems with her leg. Not only was she unable to walk but her deteriorating health forced her to stop attending school and seeing her friends. The leg problems were only the beginning of the burden that little Harriet soon had to bear her shoulders. Within a short period of time her parents died. Harriet’s health was constantly deteriorating. The girl stopped eating and drinking and slowly locked herself in a world of her own, avoiding people. In 2019, Karolina Siwicka, an orthopaedist from the Polish Medical Mission working in Blyntyre Hospital, during a routine visit to various settlements, came across Harriet who was already in a very bad physical and mental condition. The doctors transported Harriet to the hospital and a complicated ankle reconstruction operation was performed. In the last months Harriet underwent several dozen procedures. Today she can walk on her own, has started eating and drinking, and is also under constant psychological care.



Who helped?

Who helped in Uganda?

We are one of the few Polish non-governmental organizations that provide medical assistance. We help where the needs are the greatest. Our assistance is long-term – it brings permanent changes in the communities we support.
Polish Medical Mission
Ewa Piekarska
Project Coordinator
Transfer Multisort Elektronik
The Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME) company from Lodz supports the activity of the Polish Medical Mission in Uganda.
Franciscan Health Centre IV in Kakooge
The Franciscan Mission in Kakooge, founded in 2001, takes care of a group of over 250 children.
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