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for everyone
Your involvement means medicine for babies in Zambia, a food pack for a family of Syrian refugees, or medical aid for the poorest women in Senegal.

We conduct many activities around the world. It wouldn't be possible without your help. We are building help together!
for businesses
By working with our business partners, we have a much greater impact than by acting alone. Together, we can make a big difference.

We establish cooperation with companies whose values coincide with ours and which share our vision. We are looking for relationships that can develop over time. We want to build unique partnerships that provide everyone with great value.
for volunteers
We invite all enthusiasts of our association to join the group of volunteers! If you feel that the goals of the Polish Medical Mission are particularly close to you and you would like to become part of our mission, you have come to a place where you can do it!
We are looking for people with a passion for helping and openness to the world, especially the distant, often overlooked. You can have a wide variety of experiences: medical and anything else. We are convinced that everyone has some potential, and combined with passion, they can move mountains!
for schools
Polish Medical Mission co-organizes lectures and debates at many universities and schools in Poland. Our volunteer doctors share their experiences from missions in various parts of the world, from Tanzania to Papua New Guinea.