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Let's help the children get back on their feet!
Support the purchase of prostheses for the victims of the war in Syria
About our project

We bring help to the victims of the war.

At the Prosthetic Center in Termanin, Syria, children get a chance to regain full fitness. Prostheses mean going back to school, playing with peers and forgetting, even for a moment, the ongoing war. Our pupils include toddlers who were injured on their way to school, while playing in the market square, and even sleeping in their own bed, when they were only a few months old. Neither of them knew that one day would change their whole lives. We need your commitment to continue our activities in Syria.

More than 350 Syrians have already received prostheses. We show that the world has not forgotten one of the most tragic conflicts of recent decades, or the inhabitants of the country, which has become a battlefield for many years. In cooperation with Syrian doctors, we reach the most needy families, provide rehabilitation support and provide medical care at every stage of the creation of a prosthesis. We know that our work has a real impact on improving the lives of war victims.
We've helped already

Who have we helped so far?

Escape from the family home, bombing, accidents. In their short lives, these children have experienced a lot of suffering and pain. Amputations, often necessary to save lives, limit the mobility of children, who mostly stay at home, do not go to school, have no chance for development and childhood. Below, we present to you Sausan, Aslam, Hassan, Malek, Lana and Hebe, 6 of the more than 350 children who have received prostheses so far. Thanks to your support, we will be able to continue helping children like them.