Our assistance is of a long-term nature – it brings lasting change to the communities we support.

We currently help in:




Medical assistance for hospitals in Ukraine. We send transports with medical supplies to hospitals throughout the country. We save the lives of war victims and patients whose evacuation is impossible.


Renovation of health centers. Equipment for malnutrition wards, neonatology ward and rural health centres. Training of staff and the local community in the field of malnutrition and healthy eating.


Strengthening access to medical care for women among migrant populations and host communities in Bogota's Bosa, Kennedy and Los Mártires neighborhoods


Medical care for women and children living in underdeveloped areas of Zarqa and Mafraq governorates in Jordan. A mobile clinic in informal Syrian refugee camps.


Medical aid to the Syrians. Medicines, medical supplies, life-saving supplies. Prostheses for women and children after war amputations. Termanin Centre.

Iraqi Kurdistan

Improve health and hygiene for Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and the local population in Erbil and Al-Hamdaniya governorates by providing access to primary health care, diagnostics, dental care and health education.

Polish Medical Mission Vasco Emergency Team

Vasco Electronics and Polish Medical Mission set up a team so that people all over the world can receive healthcare in crisis situations. We are empathetic and open to human suffering, but our work is also motivated by positive energy and the belief that we can have a real impact on the environment. We constantly train our operational skills and take care of the principles of mission security in terms of emergency medicine threats.

We are connected by something more than work - it is also a passion for the profession, openness, and willingness to help people.


Surgical treatment and medical care for pregnant women and young children in the Lindi and Mtwara regions of Tanzania. Renovation and retrofitting of the hospital and specialist clinics. Development of a nursing school.


Food aid for the poorest families with many children who have lost income as a result of the crisis. Support for hospitals without access to the essential vaccines saving children’s lives.

Malawi and Zambia

Nutrition of children and education of mothers in Zambia. Support for a Day Care and Rehabilitation Centres for children in Malawi: providing meals & accessibility of physiotherapists.

We have already helped in: