Polish Medical Mission Vasco Emergency Team

The mission of the team is to provide quick assistance in zones affected by natural disasters or humanitarian crises. We want to join the forces of passionate people and have a real impact on the world around us.

About the Team

About Polish Medical Mission Vasco Emergency Team

The Polish Medical Mission in cooperation with Vasco Electronics established a medical team consisting of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and midwives so that people around the world could receive health care in crisis situations. We are empathetic to human suffering, and our work is also motivated by positive energy and faith that we can have a real impact on the environment.

We constantly train our operational skills and take care of the mission security rules.

How do we work?

Wherever local medical services are unable to respond effectively, we want to help. Primarily in situations of sudden disasters and humanitarian catastrophes.

Together with us, you can help people anywhere in the world, including in refugee camps and during rescue operations. We not only operate in emergency situations, but also train medical staff in developing countries to strengthen their local healthcare system.
Medical team
How to apply?

How to apply to the team?

Polish Medical Mission is looking for medics (doctors, nurses, paramedics, midwives) to join PMM Vasco Emergency Team. In order to participate in the recruitment process, please complete the recruitment form and send your CV to rekrutacja@pmm.org.pl. Recruitment will be conducted by the PMM team and a psychologist. The first stage is the verification of formal issues. If the candidate meets the requirements, he or she is invited to the first stage of recruitment for an interview aimed at assessing the candidates' psycho-physical predispositions.

Recruitment to the team is carried out on a continuous basis.

  • Stage I: Online interview.
  • Stage II: Psychological tests
  • Stage III: Practical test in the field

We offer:

  • participation in specialized training, both medical and mission security, providing knowledge and skills to work in extreme conditions
  • the ability to provide medical assistance in the most remote and most needy countries in the world
  • an opportunity to share knowledge and experience about the systems and conditions of providing assistance in different parts of the world
  • work in a T1 stationary and mobile rescue team according to WHO standards
  • professional development in the field of extreme medicine and travel medicine

Necessary requirements:

  • diploma confirming professional qualifications (medical, nursing, midwifery, paramedic)
  • current professional qualifications
  • at least 2 years of experience in the profession, preferably 5 years
  • knowledge of English at the communicative level, B1/B2
  • availability - readiness to participate in training organized throughout the year and missions lasting several weeks
  • Psycho-physical predispositions, i.e.: resistance to stress and work in extremely difficult conditions, ability to work under time pressure and the ability to solve problems quickly, the ability to think logically and analytically, good physical fitness

Other requirements:

  • specialization (mainly physicians): anaesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine
  • experience in working outside Poland, e.g. on humanitarian missions
  • knowledge of languages other than English
  • other skills useful on missions outside Europe
Technical team

Recruitment of technical specialists

We invite volunteer mechanics, electricians, plumbers, logisticians, firefighters, drivers, safety specialists, sanitary and environmental protection, communications and ICT specialists, graduates of Qualified First Aid (KPP) courses to cooperate with us. Candidates can join the PMM Vasco Emergency Team as outgoing staff if they have sufficient knowledge of the language or as in-country support staff without the need to know a foreign language.

What we offer:

Opportunities to participate in PMM foreign missions, specialized training, professional development in the area of mission coordination, crisis and humanitarian aid, the ability to provide professional help to those in need, cooperation in international and interdisciplinary teams.

Candidate profile:

  • knowledge of English at least B2 level, in the case of outgoing staff
  • professional experience or competence in the required areas
  • readiness to cooperate in a team
  • health condition allowing you to travel abroad or work in difficult conditions
  • time availability for trips, training or joint maneuvers with the team is welcome
Polish Medical Mission
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