20 February 2020

The PMM supports refugees from Idlib

The crisis in Syria continues. Since December 2019, approx. 900,000 Syrians have fled towards the Turkish-Syrian border. Over the past few weeks, almost 140,000 refugees have sought refuge there. This means lots of people are now exposed to cold, disease and often starvation.

The crisis in Syria continues. The PMM provides medical support to Idlib refugees

The Polish Medical Mission, which has been conducting medical activities in Syria for 4 years, helps Syrian refugees. Syrians rely on our support. Since 2011, about 500,000 people (including 21,000 children) have lost their lives as a result of bombings, and the current crisis in north-western Syria has already forced almost 1 million people to leave their homes.

The Polish Medical Mission finances the supply of life-saving medicines, dressings, anaesthetics and disinfectants. They are delivered to doctors working in hospitals run by the Humanitarian Message Organisation.
Medical report

‘People have been deprived of everything; they have nowhere to sleep, they do not know what to do. Some find shelter with friends previously displaced to the camps but the rest have nowhere to go. It is the middle of winter. Four deaths from the cold have been confirmed. A mass of people need medical help’, says Dr Mansour Alatrash who collaborates with the Polish Medical Mission.

The Syrians are still moving from place to place because there are not enough tents where they can take refuge. Many of them sleep in the open air night after night.

Bomb attacks continue. Displaced people from the western part of Aleppo were directly attacked by bomb raids and some of them were killed.

Urgent help with shelter and medical supplies is needed because of the strain on hospitals. Some health care centres have ceased to function due to excessive damage. A few days ago two hospitals in Darat Izza were bombed.
‘The casualties are innocent people including women and children. They need special immediate care. Psychosocial assistance and protection against harm to the youngest have long since been forgotten’, adds Dr Mansour Alatrash from the Humanitarian Message organisation.

How can you help?

The Humanitarian Message organisation together with the Polish Medical Mission operate in the Idlib province providing medicines and medical supplies and financing prostheses for children after leg amputations as a result of wounds suffered during bombings.

Build aid with us in Syria! Support the casualties with a special aid kit containing medicines and dressings.

Build aid with us!

You can help them survive this path by helping them walk any number of kilometers and by helping mothers and children to reach a new, safe home.


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