07 June 2021

5 reasons to help pregnant women

Each year, 140 million babies are born - and each birth is different from the other. In the countries of the Global South, proper care during pregnancy is still unattainable for many women - overwhelmed with daily duties, women often do not have the funds to travel to the city and pay for a doctor's appointment. Thanks to the Mother for Mother campaign, we can change this and improve the conditions of perinatal care for women who most need support.
  1. In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 54% of pregnant women make at least four compulsory medical visits, which are considered the minimum necessary to assess the proper course of pregnancy and the health of mother and child. In South Asian countries, this figure is less than 50%. These numbers are significantly lower in rural areas remote from hospitals.
  2. Worldwide, 19% of all births are still delivered without a qualified healthcare professional outside of the healthcare facility. This increases the risk of complications and puts the health of the mother and baby at risk, exposing them to infections and perinatal complications. Thanks to social campaigns and international support, the number of hospital deliveries is increasing every year, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us to provide help to all women in need.
  3. Worldwide, 21% of young women got married before the age of 18. Young adolescents are more likely to die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth than women in their 20s, and their babies are more likely to be stillborn or die in the first month of life. Performing the most important tests during pregnancy helps to prevent complications in labor.
  4. The medical "Three Delays" model suggests that pregnancy-related mortality is overwhelmingly due to delays in: deciding to seek appropriate medical care in obstetric emergencies; reaching the appropriate maternity facility and receiving appropriate care upon arrival at the facility. Thanks to the Mother for Mother campaign, we provide medical care, provided by qualified personnel in well-known health care centers and build long-term trust.
  5. Worldwide, about 810 women die every day due to complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. We are able to prevent most cases by taking proper care and ensuring the conditions for a safe birth. Help us help. Support the Mum for Mum campaign.
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